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We live in Instagram times where every girl wants to look perfect. The competition is wild, having a powerful influence. A study conducted to point out issues concerning young girls has shown that most high school girls worry about the way they look.

There is nothing wrong with styling yourself, but maintaining a healthy balance is essential. And to contribute to the subject, our tips can help you stand out from the crowd with easy and risk-free solutions, like trying out iron-on patches and many more.

Personal Touch Makes it Better

A wise woman once said, “Never underestimate the power of your creativity”

Any basic dress, shirt, jacket or even a pair of jeans can give you a rocking outfit if it has your customized touch on it like an iron-on patch or applique design. You just have to explore your creative side to add to your wardrobe.

There are websites that offer online customized service for it. Go online, browse ideas, think of your own design, create your patch and place order conveniently to receive them at your doorstep. You can even make them at your home if you know the art.

Life is Too Short to Have Boring Hair

Style legends believe that everything looks good with a bit of accessories, especially your hair!

Ironing our hair is now a common practice. We often let our hair go through the curling or straightening and set them free. It’s the same hair look every day and a bit boring too (no offense). But don’t worry, here is a solution.

If you wish to look a bit different and chic, try turbans because turbans can never go wrong when done right. They will add to the cuteness of your casual outfit any day. You can also go for embellished barrettes or headscarves.

Sunglasses for a Perfect Shade

“Sunglasses are like eye shadow: they make everything look young and pretty.” Karl Lagerfeld

So some of us are already used to wearing sunglasses, but most girls still don’t wear them and complain about why they don’t look as good. The secret lies in the shades, girls!

Being honest, sunglasses are the best accessory to blend into your style because they range across every form, size, colour, and design you can imagine. Wearing a perfect pair of sunglasses will make heads turn and you will look sassy for sure.

A Belt will Hold it Together

“When you don’t have any cute dress for the night, tie a belt around and flaunt it.” 

A belt can give your look a spark it didn’t have before. However, tying a belt around your waist might seem simple, but it has some tricks to it. Here is one way you can try it out.

  • Begin by overlaying a long-sleeved, thin shirt underneath a dress that is sleeveless.
  • On top, toss a button-down shirt and leave it open.
  • Have a cozy vest attached.
  • With a belt, bring it all together.

A belt ties the entire look and carves your body under all those clothes, so you’re not swallowed up by any layers.

Cuffed Jeans are a YES!

“Say No to Boring Dressing Ways.” Alex Martin

Since we wear jeans all the time, it doesn’t feel new anymore. A tip here is to add something new to your old pair of jeans to feel better. However, there’s nothing off with dressing your jeans as they are, but with ankle cuffs, your favourite wardrobe staple can get a quick refresh.

It’s a simple styling tip that effortlessly livens up any jeans outfit you’ve tried a thousand times. Not to forget, this is the best way to show off your shoes as well.

Exercise? No, Accessorize!

“Accessories make everything better.” Amber Kane

Powering your look of the day off with a chic, embellished necklace while wearing a plain top with a jean or a cool skirt is a simple fix to freshen up your look. You might pair your necklace to complement your shoes if you’d like to get artistic!

Never Doubt a Lipstick

On a bad day, there is always lipstick! Pinterest.

Before leaving your house for work, you believe you look okay, but once you go outside and get to your workplace; the mirror tells a different story. Now you look dull and feel like your outfit is boring, but brushing a bit of lipstick on the lips is an effortless way to change it.

Try to use a shade which better defines your outfit. Go for a softer lipstick to get your outfit to a more fun side instantly. And darker for a more confident look. Whatever you choose, you are beautiful either way.

Experiment Mixing the Colors

“Don’t be afraid of your own capability.”

To Look different and better, experiment with your dress, makeup and shoes. One way to begin the journey would be to mix in the textures.

You can Load in a look on a bunch of assorted fabrics-ribbed knit, snakeskin print, suede, silk, denim, etc.-and it’s incredibly cool. With your colour options, you can choose to go dramatic or keep it all in a hue to make the texture blending more natural.

A Blazer will Blaze Your Look

“When in doubt, throw on a blazer” Paper Lillie

Fashion Divas appreciate an extra layer of cloth if it gives them the warmth with a bonus elegant look. You can also follow in their footsteps if you need leads to style a blazer. It will enhance your look, regardless of your newness to the idea.

You might associate blazers only to the winter outfits, but even for summers, blazers are a good option with the consideration of the fabric of course. You can have it customized any way you like.

Have a Cute Bag on the Side

“Happiness is having a cute bag.”

Last but not least, a cute handbag will beautify your look and will help you from losing things in haste. A win-win situation!

Try these tips out this new year and write to us how you felt about the ‘new’ you!

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