10 Types Of Urine Colour That Easily Determine Your Health Status

10 types of Urine Colour that Easily Determine Your Health Status

What we eat and drink determine our health and the colour of our urine is a good indicator on our health status. By paying close attention to your urine everyday, you would be able to know what is happening to your body.

Our body will digest the nutrition on the food that we eat and drink. Whatever left is digested through urination and stool. In the old days, there was an occupation that take care of the emperor’s urination and stool, to observe the emperor’s health. By observing the colour of our urine, we are able to learn more about our own health.

There are 10 types of colours that represent the state of our physical health.


The body is in good state. It receives more than enough of water. However, try not to drink excessive amount of water as it might not be helpful to the body.

Light yellow

It means the body is in good state too. It receives enough of water. Keep it.

Dark yellow

It means the body is not getting enough of water. It is time to drink more water.

Honey colour

It means that the body is not getting enough of water. Drinking water is a must now to avoid dehydration.

Orange colour

Some foods such as radish and vitamin C would turn our urine into orange colour. Orange colour urine also means that the body has started to dehydrate. Sometimes, it also means the liver or gall bladder is not functioning well anymore. You should be more precautious.

Pink or red colour

Some food would cause our urine to turn into pink or red colour. If not, it could be there is blood in the urine. The blood could be caused by urinary tract infection, enlarged prostate, tumors, kidney stones or cysts

Blue or green colour

Blue urine could be caused by drugs (medicine that we consume). And green urine could be caused by bacterial infection.

Dark brown

Some food such as Aloe Vera would make the colour of urine into dark brown. It could be also due to sport injury, liver or kidney problems.

Milky white

If the urine colour is white, it could be due to too much of calcium and phosphate in the body. It is a sign of urinary tract infection.


It could be due to mild dehydration, or there may be pus in the urine. The pus could be caused by kidney stones, cystitis or vas deferens and other symptoms.

If you are experiencing abnormality in your urine, you should take good measure. If your urine is light pink or dark red, see a doctor immediately. This can be a sign of serious health condition and should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Orange urine could also be a symptom of a serious health condition, including kidney and bladder disease.

Base on my experience in providing therapies to mostly men, most men do not pay attention to their health. Their attitude in facing their health is “see first” attitude. They practice procrastination to their health and would only pay serious attention whenever things are worsening.

It is consider lucky if it is not too late to still get the right medication to recover fully. But sometimes, it is not so lucky if it is already too late.

No matter whether the health is affecting your sexual ability or not, health is still the most important thing in life. Pay attention to your health seriously and seek the right person to attend to your problem, before it is worsening.

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