11 Luxury Bath Oils Guaranteed To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa – Editorialist

Close your eyes. Picture a sloping soaking tub, overlooking crystalline Caribbean waters (or snowy Aspen mountaintops, if that’s more your speed). Among the luxe soaps, flickering candles, and carefully balanced glass of Malbec adorning the perimeter is a bath product which, until now, felt all too special for everyday. We’re talking about luxury bath oil. 

Unlike bath bombs and salts, bath oils won’t turn the water a shockingly bright shade of purple, leave you covered in tiny flecks of glitter, or scratch your skin before completely dissolving. Just pour a capful into running water or smooth it over your skin before climbing in—the oils work to seal in moisture, making it feel like you just got a lavish spa treatment, all without leaving a greasy feeling behind.

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