13 – Interview with Nelson Vergel, founder of DiscountedLabs.com

DiscountedLabs.com is an FDA-approved, HIPPA compliant service that allows consumers in most US states to have blood tests and lab work done at a significant discount – often less than insurance deductibles.

Tests can be ordered at any time, without a doctor’s prescription.  It’s a perfect option for men who are monitoring their testosterone levels.  

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About Nelson Vergel

Nelson Vergel is the founder of DiscountedLabs.com and ExcelMale.com.

He is the author of “Testosterone: A Man’s Guide,” and co-author of “Built to Survive: The Clinical Use of Anabolic Steroids for HIV+ Men and Women.”

He has been a member of several U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) and pharmaceutical advisory groups, as well as FDA review panels.

Nelson also founded the non-profit organizations Body Positive Wellness Clinic and Program for Wellness Restoration in Houston, providing health education and wellness services to HIV+ people.

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