22 Best Lip Oils 2021

FYI: lip care is a thing. From hydrating lip masks and balms to exfoliators and primers, a new category within skincare has emerged, and it’s every bit as essential as your other go-to skincare products. Lips crave to be nourished and refreshed, just as our skin, and because our lips are composed of three to five cellular layers versus the sixteen cellular layers on our face, our pouts are much more delicate, therefore requiring a bit more attention. Enter lip oils. 

Often infused with beauty’s go-to hydrating oils, including jojoba, rosehip, and coconut, these products help soothe and hydrate the lips, leaving them softer, healthier, and plumper. But let’s be clear: lip oils are not the same thing as lip glosses. While lip gloss can also provide a lightweight, glossy finish, lip oils are typically more nourishing and capable of providing longer-lasting hydration. Adding one of these formulas to your routine will enhance your overall pout by infusing your lips with deep moisture, removing dead cells on the surface, and replenishing the skin with new nutrients. Think of these oils as the final seal of hydration that will help keep your lips looking smooth, plump, and downright kissable. 

From restorative overnight formulas to color-enhancing picks, there is truly a product for every style and concern. Below, discover the 22 best lip oils that will rapidly revive your pout.

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