3 Reasons Why Your Marriage Is Worth Fighting For

Why Your Marriage Worth Fighting For

It’s encouraging to remember that while we are fighting for our marriage, God is the real One who is going to battle for us, and He’s already won the war. He is the source from which we gain our strength. Victory is never dependent on our striving but is established on His saving. We can take heart in the fact that God is moving mountains on behalf of our marriages. With all of heaven on our side, we can walk forward knowing our Creator is able to do far more than we can, if we boldly take a stand and allow Him to work.

Here are 3 reasons your marriage is worth fighting for:

1. Marriage Transform Us into Christ

Trust me, I do not say this lightly. I think a close second is parenthood, but marital relationships still take the cake. It’s hard, heavenly work to love someone unconditionally, no matter what they’ve done. Our culture likes to push what I call ‘the happiness doctrine’ in matrimony. If you aren’t happy or the feelings disappear, you can bail. But God never turns away from His kids, and we are called to follow His lead in steadfast devotion.

The Bible makes it clear that marriage, along with any authentic relationship, isn’t a walk in the park. It takes intentionality and investment in order to make a marriage work. Words like sacrifice, servanthood and forgiveness are played out in our everyday married lives. It’s important to remember, the main purpose of marriage is not to make us feel good. It’s to make us look more like God and seek intimacy with Him.

Jesus never ‘falls out of love’ with us. He repeatedly extends His arms of grace, even if we turn away. It’s a choice to love our spouse, regardless of the presence of romantic feelings. I can personally attest to God’s ability to perform miracles. He softened our hearts, helped me see my husband with new eyes and brought our dead relationship back to life. There is nothing too big for Him to accomplish, no one too gone for Him to resurrect. There is always hope, dear friend – even when your heart is hurt and breaking.

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