5 Unique Holiday Gifts For Virtual Team Bonding and Building

Team building is paramount to an organization. A positive environment can make a huge difference in the quality of work that employees produce for their company. With remote or hybrid work arrangements, sometimes the lack of face-to-face time can leave the team feeling isolated from each other. Bringing some fun into the mix is a great way to break down those barriers and bring your team together.

Here are five unique gift ideas to help build the bond between your virtual team members.

1. Virtual Spa Day

For some of your staff, the holidays may be filled with stress and anxiety. This is especially true if they travel home to see loved ones. This is where a virtual spa day from Moonstone Skin Care can come in handy. For $45 per person, an esthetician will walk employees through the steps of giving themselves at-home facials via Zoom. It is the perfect opportunity for coworkers to relax, unwind and talk with one another in a unique environment.

2.  Virtual Bake-off

What better way to get everyone involved than with an online baking course? The corporate virtual class from Bake it with Mel costs $350 and allows your team members to connect and learn from each other by getting live instruction to bake their own treats. For each student, send $44.99 baking kits, which include pre-measured ingredients, tools, and utensils, and all they need to supply is their own eggs and butter.

3. Virtual Field Trip

Not everyone has had the chance to travel the world, and unfortunately, opportunities right now for international travel are limited. However, with virtual reality — i.e, the metaverse — you and your team can take a virtual trip together to Scotland, China, Japan, or even the International Space Station.

While immersed, complete a “virtual scavenger hunt” to keep everyone engaged and competitive. Whether you have a remote office in another country or just across town, this is a great opportunity to feel like employees are actually working together. You can send anything from Google Cardboard VR kits (around $10 each) or full virtual reality hardware to your team to make this happen, but either way, they’ll be guaranteed to be closer in the end.

4. Virtual Holiday Party

What better way to bring in the New Year than with your entire team? Get everyone together online for some holiday cheer and some new year resolutions of what everyone has planned for the next year.

This is a way to bring together coworkers that don’t normally interact. Buy your team members gift cards from Uber Eats for lunch delivered from their favorite restaurant. Have everyone order in and then schedule a call to eat together online.

5. Virtual Gift Exchange

Retailers are giving more deals than ever to consumers at the holidays — especially local and small businesses. This is a great opportunity to bring your team together online for a group event like a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. Ask employees to spend a token amount — usually under $10 — on a randomly assigned team member whose profile they are sent.

They are more likely to buy gifts for each other because they are buying for real people, not email addresses or names. Elfster is the perfect way to help you accomplish this fun way to make holiday gifts more personal and the process quicker.

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