5 Ways to Establish Trust in Long-Distance Relationships

Wondering how to trust your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship? Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially when it comes to romance. Building trust is a naturally challenging task, and it is even more difficult in long-distance relationships.

If you’re looking for confirmation that your partner is loyal, avoid activities such as spying on his phone to see if he’s cheating or requesting to read messages. Here are 5 suggestions on how to build trust in a long-distance relationship.

1.  Always Be Open and Honest

This one is the most basic long-distance relationship trust advice. This sounds like a no brainer, yet many seem too closed, instead of opening to each other. Being able to face each other and have an honest conversation is essentially what keeps you connected, not the internet.

You should always be truthful if you want your loved one to do the same. Even the smallest, innocent lies, if exposed, may raise suspicions and ruin trust. On the other hand, saying what you feel and think will help your partner know the real you.

Long-distance relationships rely mostly on a conversation between you two. That is why open and honest conversations are the first and most important step in building trust.

2.  Don’t Make Any Negative Assumptions

We tend to always think of the worst scenario possible when confronted with something unexpected. That’s why most would assume one’s cheating if he/she has a new suspiciously close friend on social media. Again, it may not be at all what it seems. Allow them time to tell you and the chance to explain. That person could be someone from work, a childhood friend, or a relative that they’ve grown apart from.

You could never know how many people are there in their lives, especially in long-distance relationships, unless they tell you. Leave investigation for Sherlock Holmes, and don’t jump to conclusions. The truth may be much brighter than your suspicions.

3.  Let Them Have Time for Themselves

Couples can often be locked up in their inner world, so they forget about the real one. Both you and your partner should socialize, have hobbies, or whatever you do for yourselves.

Jealousy is quite common in long-distance relationships. Just because your partner has a life of their own, does not mean they are cheating on you. Constant jealousy could push them away. They could even start lying to you just because they’ll fear your reaction. Imagine what that does to trust.

Just let them be, you can’t and shouldn’t navigate their lives, just like they shouldn’t control yours.

4.  Be Innovative

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you spend most of your together-time chatting or in front of the camera. Even though you are not able to see each other in person, you are not limited to just talking. There are all sorts of activities you two may enjoy together.

Here are some of the activities you could try out:

  • Virtual movie date – Grab popcorns, dim the lights, choose a movie together, and enjoy the DIY cinema at your home.
  • Virtual romantic evening – Why skip dates and milestones when you can make a romantic candle-lit dinner in front of your screens.
  • Playing online video games – It may not be as romantic, but it is a mutual activity, just like a walk in a park.
  • Making a bucket list together – Join all the wishes and plans you have for the future, it could be significant and fun to hear what makes them happy.
  • Plan your (or their) visit – When you focus on making plans and reserving time in your long-distance relationship, it will bring you closer together.

5.  Send Special Surprises

It is easy to fall into a routine in any relationship. However, here are some ideas for long-distance relationships.

One of the ideas you should try out is sending special gifts and surprises to your significant other. It may have been a while since you had any physical contact, so a box of chocolates wouldn’t hurt.

You could do this to celebrate milestones, support them on their big days or really just show them you’re thinking about them. Even if you don’t have an occasion, it will certainly make them smile.

Can long-distance relationships work?

They do, just like any relationship does, as long as both of you put effort into it. Sure, it can be a bit more challenging, especially in the beginning. You must learn to live your lives both together and apart.

As much as trust is important in online long-distance relationships, so is respect, communication, and understanding. Put your heart and soul into mastering these elements and your relationship will flourish.

After all…

It is the 21st century. You have all the technology to hear and see them whenever you like (imagine having to write letters and waiting for the reply for days). Be there for each other, be open and be yourselves, love can grow only when the path is clear of dishonesty.

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