5 ways women ruin their relationships

5 ways women ruin their relationships

No one destroys a relationship with potential on purpose, but sometimes we unknowingly ruin something that may have brought us great happiness even before it’s had a chance to get off its foot.

To help you pinpoint if you have a problem, we’ve listed five acts of relationship spoilers – have you been guilty of any of these? please read on:

1. You’ve rejected a man because he doesn’t fit your dream man

Most women have, at some point, dreamt about their ideal man. He’s probably rich, incredibly handsome, charming and intelligent.

It’s a fun exercise, but reality and fantasy are very different things. If your ideal man is more Prince Charming than your man Next-Door, then it might be time to rethink your priorities.

2. You value attractiveness over a good personality

Dating a man who is drop dead gorgeous can be a nice little ego boost for a woman. But if he’s all looks with zero personality, the novelty will soon wear off. A man who treats you well and can make you laugh is always going to have more power than one who looks good but can’t string a reasonable sentence together.

3. You argue with your partners about nothing

They say that arguing about the big things is normal, and arguing about the smaller things can be dealt with. But if you argue with your partners about nothing, then you need to take an honest look at yourself.

This behaviour kills a relationship and often it’s caused by something that happened in a previous relationship – a form of transference. If this sounds like you, try to work back to what it is you could be projecting onto your new relationships. If you can let that go, you’ll be able to move on.

4. You tease him mercilessly about how he shows his feelings

If you tease your boyfriend like a school girl about how he shows his feelings towards you, he’s going to feel put down, degraded and emasculated. Not every man was born the world’s greatest lover, and by telling him he doesn’t do things the way you’d expect, you’re not going to help matters.

Instead, show him how you want him to act towards you, and he would follow – have a little patience and before you know it, you’ll have a seasoned lover instead.

5. You refuse to confront your emotions

Relationships are by no means always easy – they require hard work and honesty between partners. If you find yourself ending relationships anyhow, ask yourself if that was really what you wanted to do.

Or if, by putting in the effort, you could have helped grow your relationship into something even better. Honesty doesn’t need to be very brutal – it can be loving and honest too. And if he cares about you , he will also want to make it work.

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