6 Stylish Winter Outfits With Puffer Coats

I recently added a fresh puffer coat into my wardrobe. Specifically—Aritzia’s The Super Puff. I’m into it because it pairs flawlessly with the lounge looks I’ve been living in to give off that comfy yet chic vibe. On that note, I’ve also been spotting a range of fashion people showcasing stylish puffers on IG as well. In fact, many are wearing ensembles that I too may be interested in trying this season or will recommend to my friends when they’re looking for stylish winter outfit ideas.

The looks run the gamut, but are all highly versatile and easy to create. While many that I’m into feature the loungewear items I’ve been wearing, there are some that are a bit more dressed up which could be of interest as well. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out a range of sleek outfits featuring puffer coats. You’ll also uncover inspired shopping picks throughout as well in case you’re looking to add a new outerwear piece or another winter item into your wardrobe.

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