7 Bad Habits that Affect Men’s Health

7 Bad Habits that affect Men’s Health

  1. Smoking

Health is one of the major aspect in one’s life. There is a price to pay to be healthy. In other word, sacrifice. To live healthily, there are some unhealthy actions that we have to let go, even if they are enjoyable, pleasurable and gives you much satisfaction.

Everyone knows that smoking is not good for health, but not many know that it would affect men’s health and cause impotent and erectile dysfunction. The blood circulation is affected when smoking and thus, affected the blood flow supply to the sex organ to cause proper erection.

Alcohol is good for health. But too much of alcohol will affect the erection too. And it is called sexual dysfunction. According to the report, too much of alcohol will result in the following :

  • Decreased sexual desire—persistent or recurrent deficiency or absence of desire for sexual activity giving rise to marked distress and interpersonal difficulty;
  • Sexual aversion disorder—persistent or recurrent aversion and avoidance of all genital sexual contact leading to marked distress and interpersonal difficulty;
  • Difficulty in erection—recurrent or persistent, partial or complete failure to attain or maintain an erection until the completion of the sex act;
  • Difficulty in achieving orgasm—persistent or recurrent delay in or absence of orgasm, following a normal sexual excitement phase;
  • Premature ejaculation—persistent or recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation, before, on or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it, which causes marked distres
  • Long duration of using computer or mobile phone

Men who sit in front of computer increase the risk of impotent. The temperature of testicles would be warmer when they sit for a long period of time and the sperm would not survive a 37 degree celcius temperature. Besides, the radiation would kill the sperm too, if it is exposed to it for a long period of time.

Hand job is stress releasing. Hand job is pleasurable. But too much of hand job is consuming much energy and nutrient, as sperm is full of nutrient and it is wasted. If not, the nutrient would be used for other parts of the body. Besides, hand job could result in the damage of the blood vessel in the organ too, if it is not done properly.

Most men need to work tirelessly as most men are breadwinner of the family. Working stress and lack of rest time would result in fatigue in the long term. When you are tired and have not much energy, it is normal to not be performing in bed.

The invention of light bulb extends our day and sleeping late is a norm nowadays. As our body suppose to be resting when the night is dark, we over use them and will affect our health, especially if we sleep late at night and don’t have enough of rest.

Holding urine for long periods of time would cause infection to urinary tract. It will also increase the risk of kidney disease and would affect the sex organ. Don’t make it a habit. Sometimes, we should let go of what we should let go of.

My experience tells me that most guys will not sacrifice what they love to do to become healthier. I have a lot of clients who likes beer. They like to spend the whole night in pub to enjoy the atmosphere and the beers. I advised them to cut down on the consumption but until today, they remain the same. They still keep doing therapy, having Tongkat Ali as supplement and continue their hobby of drinking, rather than cut down on alcohol to make themselves healthier.

This is men.

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