7 food items easily available in the Indian kitchen that’ll boost your health and immunity

Known as methi in Hindi, Fenugreek is a wonderful ingredient that’s often part of our spice box but not used much by many. Make it a point to use it often while cooking as it helps to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart conditions, bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, inflammation. It also improves weight loss, raises testosterone, boosts sperm count, and PCOS.

Best way to have: 

  • Soak one tbsp in water overnight and drink it the next day along with the seeds.
  • Start adding it like other species in your food

5. Jaggery

Known as gur in Hindi, the brown sweet ingredient is a great alternative for anyone who plans to switch from sugar. Rich in nutrients like iron, magnesium and potassium, jaggery keeps your body warm and boosts immunity. It cleanses the whole body, improves digestion, helps in preventing anemia, constipation, detoxes the liver and helps in weight loss.

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