7 of the biggest sex taboos for young people

What is your biggest sex taboo? If you’re young and maybe thinking about experimenting, then there may be certain sexual acts that are complete no-no’s for you.  Our philosophy at Anytime Delight is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Our research shows these to be the biggest sex taboos, that maybe need to be explored further….

  1. Period sex

is often viewed as a messy business, but a lot of women feel extremely horny when they have their period. So what to do? Well, Intimina have designed a revolutionary menstrual cup, the Ziggy Cup, which is the only cup on the market that can be worn whilst having sex.  Also, as its reusable you are saving the planet at the same time!!!


  1. Anal Sex

Anal Sex is not something to be dismissed. Ok, it may not be for everyone but how do you know unless you’ve tried it?  The trick to having good anal sex is lubricant! Make sure you have plenty and a good quality water-based lubricant is always a safe bet, try YES WB as its PH balanced.  You need to be completely relaxed to enjoy anal sex, if you are a beginner maybe try a silicone butt plug which can provide intense stimulation and really intensify tour orgasms!


  1. The act of bondage

Bondage in the bedroom remains a mysterious practice that lives only in the deepest depths of sexual fantasy. Shrouded in taboo, bondage often elicits images of ropes, chains, and whips. For some, it seems too painful or strange to even consider. Yet for many, the thought of giving up control of one’s body to any and all desires of a lover raises their heart rate and kicks their arousal into overdrive. The trick is to take it slow and steady, maybe start with some wrist cuffs and see how they feel, working your way onto blindfolds to allow your partner that little bit more freedom to do with you what they want. If this is something you would like to know more about please read our blog A Beginners Guide to Bondage.


  1. Female Masturbation

Women discussing masturbation can be a bit of a conversation stopper, but every woman should do it!! Not only does it mean us women aren’t reliant on anybody else to satisfy our needs but it’s important to know what your body likes and dislikes. This means that when you are with a partner you can guide them in the right direction.  Experimenting is part of the fun of having sex so don’t be afraid to use your fingers or a sex toy – nothing should be off limits.


  1. Having a sex toy ‘collection’

Having more a range of sex toys isn’t necessarily something everyone wants to talk about. However, with such a wide range of sex toys now available, why not have one for every occasion? You can have an oral stimulator for when you are alone, a couples toy for you and your partner, nipple teasers, a butt plug for when anal sex tickles your fancy and so the list goes on.


  1. Dressing up

This may feel a bit ‘70’s’ porn style but it needs to be experienced. It’s important that you lose your inhibitions and create your characters! Whatever your fantasy – act it out.  Find the outfits or it maybe that clothes aren’t even needed! Mentally you feel a different person and that your partner is somebody else as well, this way it can feel like ‘new’ sex!!!

  1. Long distance relationships

Maintaining long distance relationships can seem impossible but thankfully with the technology of today and the creativity behind the latest sex toys, they have been made that little bit more bearable. Couples can now remain sexually intimate and connected, even if miles apart. Now, not only can you video call your partner, no matter where they are, but you can also take the lead in their sexual experience by controlling the vibrations and intensity of their sex toy. All you need is a vibrator that is Bluetooth compatible and linked to an app.


So, you think you’re ready to try masturbating or maybe anal sex? Have a look at www.anytimedelight.co.uk for your next sex toy to help rid you of those sexual taboos! If you use code taboo10 you will also receive 10% off.



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