9 ways to take care of prostate

I believe many people know about prostate, but don’t really knowing more details about it, like what does it do and what problems will it will have. Today, Debbie will share with you some little information about prostate.

Prostate is located between bladder and penis. It produces secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm, and the liquid is also responsible in transporting sperm. Besides, prostate helps in some part to urinate as well.

Prostate is one of the male organ that might bring 3 types of trouble. Prostatitis, which is inflammation, enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer. So, it is best to take care of it to prevent it from happening, while also taking care of your wallet as it requires a lot of medical bill to treat.

9 ways of taking care of prostate

  1. Don’t hold back urine

Many people have the habit of holding back urine. It is not good. No matter it is because of your work nature, or it is your habit, holding back will not only cause damage to prostate, but also many other men related illness (read my other articles)

When the urine is in high concentration, it will produce harmful reaction to the prostate. Drinking more water will reduce the concentration so that the prostate is not harmed.

When we use warm water to shower, it will relieve the muscle of our body, so is the prostate.

Don’t have to elaborate much, keeping the penis clean is important in not only protecting prostate, but the entire organ as well. Don’t let any bacteria or virus into urethra and bring infection to the entire organ.

  • Prevent the organ from cold

If the penis get cold, for example, sitting on a marble rock which is cold, it might cause sympathetic excitement and result in urethra to reverse flow, and it might hurt the prostate.

Perineum is located between testicle and anus. This is the area where I will spend much effort during my therapy to make the blood flow. For those who like cycling, must take note that cycling would cause rubbing and impact on perineum. It is better for those who like cycling to take care of their prostate seriously because I have a lot of clients who are die hard cycling fans.

Stress is harmful to health, and to prostate too. There is clinical trial on this matter to prove that stress can cause harm to prostate.

  • Too much of that….yeah, that exercise

Too much of activity on bed would cause the prostate to always be active condition and it will increase the size of prostate.

Too much of spicy food, too much of alcohol and too much of smoking will harm the body, and prostate too. Constipation would also cause the prostate to bulge and increase the risk of enlarged prostate.

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