A Bigger Penis? 7 Huge Penis Size Advantages You Probably Had Absolutely No Clue About

Ever thought about getting a bigger penis? Most men at one time or another do think about it, but most don’t take things any further. What many men don’t realize is that bigger penis size has some huge advantages that they probably had no clue about.

Through personal experience and talks with many other men who’ve performed penis exercises to obtain bigger penis size, I’ve learned that getting larger has many thrilling benefits besides just visually looking impressive. Check these out:

1. Better Sex – What many men do not realize, is that getting a bigger penis isn’t just about getting longer. It’s also about getting thicker. And this is where better sex comes into play. Women have repeatedly reported that it’s the added thickness to the penis which provides the mind blowing orgasms. A long penis might look cool, but in the bedroom it’s a thicker penis that wins out in the performance department.

2. Female Attraction at the Bar. Perform penis exercises for a few months and then go to the bar with some jeans which are little tighter than usual. Believe it or not, you are going to get some looks! Get out on the dance floor, gyrate your hip area and forget about it! You will have women dancing and grinding up on you big time! You simply can’t hide larger size when it’s packed in a nice tight pair of jeans.

3. Male Admiration. Men whom previously haven’t respected you will suddenly reverse themselves 360 degrees once they know you possess some large penis size. This is a repeated comment that I’ve heard at least half a dozen times from guys who have obtained larger size. While changing clothes at work or in the locker at the gym, some co-worker who previously had ignored them or had some sort of attitude with them, would get a glance at their size and suddenly things would change. The negative attitude would disappear and positive, admiring attention would be given their way all of a sudden!

4. Huge Confidence Booster. So here you are, impressing your girlfriend with better sex, attracting females, and causing sudden admiration from males. You can see more than obviously that this will have a huge effect on your confidence levels. You are suddenly gaining respect and admiration in all directions. Strong confidence levels are key in succeeding in life and love, and larger penis size can definitely contribute to those goals.

5. More Oral Sex. Not only will you be pleasing your girlfriend more, but YOU will be receiving much more pleasure through the receiving of oral sex much more often. Myself and others have noticed the sudden increase in oral pleasures after size has increased. Girlfriends love the new size, both as a visual stimulation and also because they know they are being pleased with it, and want to return the favor in the most pleasurable ways possible!

6. Better Endurance During Sex. One thing I never realized was that lasting longer during sex would be improved with new size. I believe in part this is due to the hand exercises. You are constantly massaging your penis so it is being used to constant contact. So when you have sex it isn’t as “extra sensitive” as usual. It’s not that you lose any sensitivity, you just eliminate the extra sensitive nature of sexual pleasures which normally lead to premature ejaculation. Control also seems improved. With a longer shaft it seems you can “feel” the ejaculation coming on and are able to hold it in more easily to prevent premature ejaculation from occurring.

7. Having Sex Much More Often. If you have a girlfriend, you definitely will be having sex more often for many of the reasons we’ve discussed above. When sex becomes drastically better, which it will when you obtain bigger penis size, then sex will be had much more often. Now if you are single, guess what? You still will be having sex more often! This is largely due to the confidence effects of having a larger penis. Confidence is the key to attracting women, and once you have that and develop it, you will attract more women, which in turn will lead to more intimacy as sex will be had much more often.

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