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Watch this webinar about the newly released:  Kit and Arlo Find a Way: Teaching consent to 8–12 year olds this page has access to webinar, lessons, information for teachers and parents, resource links and more. 

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Hear  the publishers and authors talk about the book and how consent  can be taught  to children 

The issue of consent teaching has made headlines recently, culminating in the government’s announcement that consent education will be compulsory in Australian schools from 2023. Kit and Arlo Find a Way: Teaching consent to 8–12 year olds by author-educators Ingrid Laguna and Vanessa Hamilton (1 June 2022), is a unique book that illustrates what excellence in consent education in the upper primary years looks like.

In a compelling and relatable story by acclaimed children’s novelist Ingrid Laguna, Kit and Arlo Find a Way explores situations that students in Years 3–6 may face every day while navigating school, home life and friendships.

The narrative touches upon key concepts in the complex area of consent – informed by the expertise of renowned sexuality and consent educator Vanessa Hamilton – raising discussion points that teachers can use in-class to facilitate and ignite open conversations with students.

The result is a powerful and practical resource for teachers that aims to equip students, in an age-appropriate way, with the skills and behaviours that will enable them to build respectful relationships throughout their lives.

Key topics:

  • body boundaries and safety
  • verbal and non-verbal cues
  • developing a sense of self, personal strength and self-determination
  • understanding that the responsibility of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ should be shared
  • understanding that shared activities should have enthusiastic, affirmative and ongoing consent
  • having the courage to withdraw consent
  • understanding gendered stereotypes, coercion and power imbalances
  • learning to have empathy for others
  • managing disappointment when someone changes their mind
  • how to be an upstander when someone is being harmed
  • the keys to respectful relationships and better friendships.

Additionally, a dedicated Kit and Arlo Find a Way teaching resources platform houses evidence-based teaching activities, videos, webinars, podcasts, resource links and lesson plans designed to tie in with the story.

Kit and Arlo Find a Way is a vital resource for schools doing the essential work of empowering students with the decision-making skills they will need to navigate consent issues throughout their lives.

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Kit and Arlo Find a Way: Teaching consent to 8–12 year olds by Ingrid Laguna and Vanessa Hamilton is on sale now from the ACER Shop.

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