The crux of Artwork Sounds album is sort of a continuity from their previously released two part EP, namely Searching. One could say that they were once “searching” and with this album they have found “Nothing Better” than the magic they create when they stay true to who they are as artists. The album explores the duo’s more creative side, as it shows that to make great music, one can’t afford to live within the confines of “boxed” imaginations and boundaries. To those startled by the success of their latest album release, titled “Nothing Better”, Artwork Sounds, a duo, made up of members, namely George Lesley & Soultronixx, is no newbie when it comes to creating amazing tunes. The duo solely produced the whole album and had features from the likes of Oscar Mbo, June Jazzin, NuTown Soul,Seko, just to name a few, who definitely brought different shades of music to the project, that will give you all type of “feels”.

“We don’t make music to make hits” says George Lesley, “We simply create what we feel and if people label what we create as a “hit”…Well, let’s just say that’s a plus…He adds laughingly. The story of how the two met is genius- “We speak the same language when it comes to music, as every genre has its own dialect…We took this one back to the basics, no slang” says Soultronixx. It’s proving to be very difficult to place this album under a certain genre of House music, as it has a bit of everything for all house music lovers. Here’s a sneak preview to our thoughts on the album and to giving you a bit of insight on who we are.

Caught up (feat.Seko)

This track brings out a more sensual and soulful side of us. Being the 1st track on the album, it captures you attention from the very beginning. Due to the R&B charged lyrics, the song leaves you craving for more. The sexiness of Seko’s vocal on this track is nothing short of inviting.

Searching (feat Russell Zuma)

This is a beautiful Zulu love song. Basically the song talks about a young man who has been dating his girlfriend for a long time. She wants to get married to him and her family is also putting pressure on the young man to “do the right thing” and marry their daughter. Little did they know that He had secretly been putting money aside for amaLobola(drowry) for a while now for her and was finally ready to propose…Let’s just say that it has a very happy ending. Russell’s raw vocals on this track bring the song and story to life.

Amazing grace (feat Garth Brown)

They say “the more grateful you become, the more beauty you will see”. We are grateful for God’s favour and grace in our lives. He is our Source. We celebrate him in this song because even in struggle, we see hope. Garth really “takes us to church” in this one!

Moon, Sky & Above

This song is the classic of all classics. The rendition we did brings the song back to life and makes it more plausible to the younger audience as well. If you are an old soul, there is no doubt that you will absolutely love the song. With it’s 90’s R&B nuances, it’s sure take you back…way back!

We Need You (Feat. Nutwonsoul)

Well, well, well this song raises emotions to the next level. No doubt we have all been dealt with a blow from the start of the year 2020- the outbreak of the Covid- 19 virus has left us wanting. The song is more of a prayer to God, saying “We need you now” Help us! Everyone is going through a rough time in some way or the other so we rely on God to bring us through.


Whew!!! What can we say about this jam… We become speechless when it comes to this track. The melody, the beat, the vocals all come to the party on this one. It’s a wild tune and makes one feel good. Love makes us feel good so it comes as to no surprise as to why this song can simply make your day!

Without You( feat.Tim Adeep and Dearson)

Soulfreakah’s Remix) Without you comes from our Searching Pt. 1 EP. Soulfreakah is such a talented producer and does nothing short of amazing on this remix! He took a totally kickass song and just took it to the next level…EXPECTATIONS EXCEEDED!

RED BRICK CITY ( feat June Jazzin)

If the saying “knocked out the park “was a song, it would definitely be this tune right here!! What a banger!! We literally produced the beat and thought June Jazzin would a be a great vocal feature…and boy weren’t we spot on! The song speaks of a town called Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal, which is known as the “red brick city “. This killer track far exceeded our expectations and has been on every Dj’s track list since its release. We tweaked June Jazzin’s vocals-made them unique…and well, the rest is history.

Hold On( Feat Exte C & Paul)

This song is mellow and soulful….it’s that calm after the crazy storm created by Red brick city. More like hold on the storm is over…everything’s gonna be alright. Reassurance that in the end things will work out for the best…just don’t give up!

AWAY( Feat K.G Sunset)

If you listen closely to the lyrics in the background, you will hear a women’s voice saying “don’t take him away, he’s mine” Well you make it your own…doesn’t have to be a man per se… it can be your joy, your peace, your success…don’t let anybody take that away from you. So anyone can relate to the music… we don’t discriminate!

Groove in London( Feat Spin-worx)

This song does not take away from the original, it’s just an amplified version of what already is an amazing original track. The soulful and deep house influences make this tune a time- less piece. You can’t put a date to this song…You can’t confine it to a certain era. It will forever be relevant, even in the time to come.

Fantasy( feat Soulfeakah & Mgomotsi Chosen) AndileAndy’s Scratchy remix)

The scratchy mix brings a fun, playful yet soulful aspect to this song! It is definitely very memorable in every sense. It kinda makes your imagination run wild… the combo’s really communicated on this tune. Great closure to an amazing project!


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