All Bodies Are Bikini Bodies: And These 10 Plus Size Influencers Prove It

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Summer Never Looked This Good!

This summer, we are showing bellies, thighs, rolls, and everything in between, in our swimsuits and bikinis! Like everyone else who grew up fat, I remember dreading going to the beach and hating the summer.

I hated it because I knew it meant warmer weather, which meant I would be hot -which then meant I needed less clothing or to show more skin. I wasn’t the biggest fan of showing a lot of skin when I was younger because I attached exposing my fat body with the idea of shame.

Even though I grew out of that thinking at a pretty young age (at about 16 or 17), it still took me a while to feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit to the beach or even going to the beach altogether. I can’t remember how many high school beach day trips I missed because I did not want to expose parts of my body I believed to be ugly.

I can’t even begin to count how many fat children and adults I would see at the beach in t-shirts and swim bottoms or t-shirts over their one-piece swimsuits. And I, too, would be sitting there on the sand, building castles, or playing with beach toys wearing my t-shirt over my one-piece, afraid of what other people and peers would say about me and my body.

Some people might look at larger people on social media making big displays of plus size and fat people wearing swimsuits and think “why’re they making a big deal about something so small” but that’s just it; it’s not a small feat.

When I see fat people in public wearing swimsuits, bikinis, two pieces, and everything in between, I am still overjoyed by the radical acts of rebellion against a machine that profits from us hating ourselves. What a sight to see!

Now, as an adult because most of my childhood beach memories are filled with worries of shame & insecurity, I make sure to fill every beach day I have with joy.

My adult beach days are a movie, OKAY!?

From the makeup to my swimsuit, my bag, sandals, shades, music, etc. I plays no games. I like to think of those days, as giving a hug and a cradling to my younger self; the younger self that believed I didn’t deserve to be in a swimsuit.

In 2021, with so many new lines, designers, and outlets creating statement swimwear for plus size people, I want to shine a spotlight on these 10 influencers who are proving that every body is a bikini body.

These 10 Influencers are KILLIN IT and showing every body is a bikini body!

Who are you following that’s giving the swimsuit content we all deserve? Please let us know all the plus size influencers reminding us every day that all bodies are good bodies and all bodies were created swimsuit ready!

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