All-Stars Grand Final Time On Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Australia

Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Grand Final Is Here!

That two weeks went by really fast! The All-Stars Grand Final is here, so will win the mirrorball trophy? It’s time we find out.

Lincoln & Lily

The first person up in our All-Stars Grand Final is Lincoln and Lily with a freestyle.

Wow! Cape action! Awesome!

Paul said it was brilliant and had great energy. Mark said there was drama and freaks him out! Todd he kept his tongue in. Helen said she wouldn’t change anything.

Lincoln & Lily’s score is: 38

Bec & Craig

Bec’s finale dance is freestyle.

Love in the box over head stuff.

Helen said it was very clever and Bec bought ballroom dancing into the 21st Century. Paul said it was clever and it was beautiful. Todd said she needed to take a risk and she did.

Bec & Craig’s score is: 40

Ada & Aric

Ada’s all-stars grand final is freestyle.

Woo! Hairspray song! So much fun! Audience loved it!

Todd said she delivered and the choreography was a winner. Helen said it was an honour to judge her (in a good way). Paul said it wasn’t her best but it was magic. Mark said there was super showgirl and she used all the floor and she gave it her all.

Ada & Aric’s score is: 37

Kyly & Gustavo

Kyly’s final dance is Freestyle to Toxic!

Graceful, sexy, and tense.

Mark said he loved the lift and he applauded Gustavo for pushing her to do it. Todd said she looked like a professional and that she is a great performer but wanted a little bit of breathing room. Helen said it’s going to be mission impossible to decide the winner and the judges were impressed and that she was trying a little too hard to impress them when they were.

Kyly & Gustavo’s score is: 37

Manu & Katrina

Manu’s last dance is freestyle.

Manu is having fun and that’s all that matters.

Todd said the routine suited him. Helen said he feels the music and he had everything in there. Paul said Manu used clowning was awesome! Mark said he bought ‘The Manu’.

Manu & Katrina’s score is: 32

Luke & Jorja

Luke’s final dance is freestyle.

Holy CRAP! Go Luke go! What is with the chair?

Helen said he was a natural without a doubt. Paul loved the supreme confidence. Mark said to produce something to top the Paso Luke did previously was hard but he nailed it. Todd said he the story was brilliant.

Luke and Jorja’s score is: 40

Who Will Win?

Bec and Craig – safe

Luke and Jorja – safe

Luke and Jorja WIN!

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