Anxiety As Vote Counting Begins In Uganda

Elections have ended and vote counting has commenced in Uganda’s tense presidential election that pitches longtime President, Yoweri Museveni, against opposition frontrunner, Bobi Wine, a pop star turned opposition leader.

If Museveni loses, the East African country will be breaking away from his 35-year rulership. 

According to Al Jazeera, the approach to Thursday’s polls was overwhelmed by the worst political violence in years, following the killing of more than 50 people by security forces.

There were also clampdowns on opposition gatherings, as well as the frequent intimidation and arrest of opposition figures.

The Ugandan police have, however, said their actions are crucial to safeguard compliance with COVID-19 restrictions.
Museveni, who has exercised power since 1986, is pursuing a sixth term against a taut contest from Bobi Wine, whose popularity among a youthful population has rattled the 76-year-old former rebel leader. Nine other challengers are also aiming to unseat Museveni.

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