Ashley Benson Says She Avoids “Exploiting” Her Relationships for Fame – E! Online

During quarantine, Ashley spent time in the recording studio watching the rapper make music, with her saying, “He’s taught me a lot about music… We always talk about whether we’d release anything or not.” But repeating her preference to keep things just between them, she said, “Again, that’s really nice for us to have for ourselves.”

Without going into too much detail, The Birthday Cake star provided a little more insight into their relationship during her interview, which took place before their split. “We do little jazz nights—listening to jazz and pretending you’re in a restaurant. But you’re not, you’re at the dinner table. Anything to liven things up. You find ways to make it enjoyable,” she noted.

Quarantine has also showed her who her true friends are, as she recalled, “That’s the best thing that’s come out of quarantine, having this very solid foundation of friends who have my back, and I have theirs. It’s really nice to have that support for all of us.”

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