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Well, we know that big tech companies do make these threats from time to time. They don’t always follow through.

What we have been doing consistently is working through a structured public policy process, based upon the digital platforms inquiry conducted by the ACCC over about 18 months – very evidence-based – and we have worked through the development of the code, several drafts, introduced into the parliament in December last year.

Of course we have a Senate inquiry going on, with the hearing today, in fact – that’s the second day of hearings – so we’ve gone through a thorough and careful process. What Google and Facebook say they intend to do is really a matter for them.

We made it clear we very much prefer them to stay in Australia, they’re an important significant part of the ecosystem, but ultimately these are business decisions. We’ll make a public policy decision on the merits, based on the market power and the competition issues.

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