Be careful on what information about crypto you are giving to people. Stealth wealth, and relationships with your friends and family. : CryptoCurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency is often something you should keep quiet about if you have lots of money.

If you were earning a lot of money from crypto and post it online it just would make you stand out as a target for online fraud.

Also, overshilling crypto to your friends and family would make them set expectations on you. Especially if you’re going balls deep. If the market ever crashes, you are either going to have people pity on you, or laugh at you for being stupid. But in the end, it justifies and amplifies cryptocurrency as a bad investment for them.

If you get rich, your friends are going to get jealous and want to probably leech off of your cash. That’s when you realize you have shit friends and realize how many less friends or no friends you have. /s But really, say good things about crypto, but don’t let people set expectations on you, try not to give hints on the size of your investments, and especially don’t brag. This thread is a good one.

Stealth wealth is really important. The more people knows about your cash and investments, the more you’ll stand out to have something negative done to you. Don’t let a price tag hover over your head.

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