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Dear Healthy Men: A recent news release suggested that men with low testosterone levels may have improvement in sexual function and quality of life. How can I determine whether I can benefit and what questions should I ask my doctor?

A: Before we get into the details of the newly reported benefits of testosterone therapy—including the scope of those benefits and the men most likely to see them—let’s talk about what, exactly, testosterone is, what it does, and what constitutes “low levels” (also sometimes referred to as “low T,” “andropause,” or even “male menopause”).

To start with, testosterone is the most important male hormone (although women have measurable levels as well). In a nutshell, it’s what makes men men—at least physically. It’s manufactured in the testicles and plays a significant role in puberty (including penis and testicle growth and voice deepening), muscle and bone growth and development, strength, sex drive, and fertility.

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