Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Last Chance U: Basketball, Marriage or Mortgage

New Netflix shows and movies arrive each Friday like clockwork, but the winter doldrums continue for the streaming service this week with another round of new releases that won’t exactly inspire you to go out and get “Netflix Life” tattooed across your chest. Where’s Stranger Things Season 4? Where’s Stranger Things Season 5? Where’s Stranger Things Season 6? C’mon, Netflix! The highlights of this week include the sports docuseries Last Chance U, with the new season ditching football in favor of basketball but still bringing inspiring true stories of young men trying their hardest to overcome unfair obstacles. And if you’re recently engaged, you’ll want to check out Marriage or Mortgage, in which young couples decide whether to blow their savings on a one-night party (or a “wedding,” as they call it) or use it for a sound investment that will appreciate in value for years to come and become the bedrock for their financial future. But hey, go ahead and party, kids! Below are all the new releases on Netflix for the week of March 5-11, 2021.

All titles debut on Friday, March 5 unless otherwise noted. Here’s what came out on Netflix last week.

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The Biggest Releases

Last Chance U: Basketball, Season 1
Hey, why should last chances be reserved just for football players? The Emmy-winning series moves to the hardcourt for its latest iteration, which follows the East Los Angeles College Huskies as they try to turn their fortunes around with a roster made up of kids who failed to live up to expectations at higher division programs because of various factors. The sport is different, but the emotional impact remains the same as coach John Mosley, who has more energy than his entire starting five, pushes kids to be the best players and young men they can be. [Wednesday, Mar. 10] 

Marriage or Mortgage, Season 1
What do you do if you want to watch an HGTV-style home buying show AND a wedding planning series? Watch them both at the same time with Marriage or Mortgage, in which hitched-to-be couples in Tennessee are tempted by a real estate broker and a wedding planner who are both vying for the couple’s saved-up cash. This is the kind of show that consumes a lazy weekend and ruins the rest of your week. [Trailer / Wednesday, Mar. 10]

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Everything Else

A highly trained French female soldier uses her training to hunt down a man who may have raped her sister, and I wholeheartedly approve.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series, Season 4
Young kids capture pets and force them to fight for survival. [Trailer]

City of Ghosts, Season 1
A group of kids in L.A. interview ghosts around the city to learn about their lives. Thankfully, these are friendly ghosts and not poltergeists, wights, or banshees that would possess or steal the life force of these children, reducing them to ashen bones or vessels for Satan. [Trailer]

In this Colombian film, a former drug dealer owes a younger narco a bunch of cash, but also there are some dogs in it? I truly did not understand any of this trailer. Just know that it has crime, comedy, action, and babes who are way out of the league of any of the guys in it. [Trailer]

The Best TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Nevenka: Breaking the Silence, Season 1
Nevenka Fernandez, the woman who was involved in Spain’s first successful sexual harassment suit against a politician, talks about the case for the first time in decades in this docuseries. [Trailer]

Bombay Rose
Some 60 artists spent 18 months drawing every single frame of this animated love story about a flower seller in India. The least you can do is spend 90 minutes watching it. [Trailer / Monday, Mar. 8] 

The Houseboat
In this German reality show/docuseries, two friends renovate a large houseboat, but presumably, the real houseboat was the friends they made along the way. [Trailer / Tuesday, Mar. 9]

StarBeam, Season 3
Forget the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its magical rocks and energy cubes, give me the StarBeam Streaming Universe and its second-grade superhero trying to save Easter. [Trailer / Tuesday, Mar. 9]

Dealer, Season 1
Part mockumentary (the humorless kind), part found-footage adrenaline rush, this French series follows a music video director who embeds himself in the life of a drug dealer and aspiring rapper and gets caught in the middle of a gang war with his camera rolling the whole time. If done right, this can be pretty good. [Trailer / Wednesday, Mar. 10]

Coven of Sisters
In this Spanish film set in 1609, women accused of witchcraft lure their accusers into the forests, where they proceed to confirm that yes, they are indeed witches. [Trailer / Thursday, Mar. 11]

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