Brave baby bat brothers brought to Australia Zoo

Three baby bat brothers, Terrance, Tom and Tony were brought into the Australia Zoo after their home was destroyed.

The three northern freetail bats were discovered on a roadside but it is unclear how their home was destroyed but land clearing and wildfires pose a threat to these animals in general.

‘Terrance, Tom and Tony the orphaned northern freetail bats were found on the road as their habitat was destroyed. Thankfully, these little guys had no severe injuries, and are receiving plenty of love and support from their dedicated wildlife carer,’ said the zoo in a Facebook post.

Terrance, Tom and Tony. Picture: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors/ Facebook

The tots are found in Western New Guinea and Northern Australia. These animals roost in tree hollows but can be found in colonies of up to 50 individuals.

This is the largest species of Mormopterus (based on weight) in Australia, according to the organisation All About Bats.

When they mature, this tiny trio’s fur will be greyish to light brown on their backs with a paler colour on their bellies. Their triangular ears will become more pronounced.

They feed predominantly on moths and beetles as well as other insects. These are caught above tree canopies or along with bodies of water.

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