Breath of the Wild: How Much Food Link Weighs

Link’s weight in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been recently discovered by fans, and the results are not what anyone was expecting.

Something that players will notice when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is how much Link is able to eat. Despite the countless numbers of apples, cakes, and meat skewers he stuffs down, Link always manages to retain his svelte figure no matter what. More recently, a Twitter user actually discovered how much Link actually weighs, and it’s pretty shocking.

Although the massive open-world title from Nintendo was released in 2017, players are still continuing to find new things in the game. While many are breaking the Breath of the Wild’s physics engine to snipe Guardians from absurd distances, some players are more than happy just making smaller discoveries. Of course the uncovering of Link’s weight may not be as flashy as the perfect Guardian kill, it’s still arguably an important discovery to take note of.

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The Twitter account @GifZelda was able to get Link’s weight by making use of a large in-game scale in one of Hyrule’s many shrines. By placing Link on one scale and dropping food on the other, the Twitter user accurately measured Link’s weight. Turns out Link is surprisingly a lot lighter than anyone could have imagined. Link weighs precisely 7 apples and 2 spicy peppers – no more, no less. This latest discovery begs the question: Is Link really light, or is the food he’s eating ridiculously heavy?

How Much Food Link Weighs Exactly

This recent discovery goes against a previous weight experiment conducted by Famitsu. In a 2017 Tumblr post, a user named sugarelixir said that Link weighed about 8.5 apples according to the gaming outlet’s trial. They made this estimation since placing a ninth apple on the other scale caused Link’s scale to rise, and the other to fall. However, thanks to this recent scale experiment, players now have a more accurate weight for Link.

Based on this new experiment, it can also be concluded that the spicy peppers weigh less than apples. This is especially the case since the scale didn’t fall when 9 objects were placed on it, meanwhile a ninth apple in the Famitsu experiment caused Link’s scale to weigh down. This could mean that Link’s weight could also be potentially pinpointed even further if someone uses even lighter foods in another experiment.

It’s still a bit concerning that Link’s weight is equal to just a couple of fruits and vegetables. Regardless, the hero manages to get around just fine when he’s out traversing all of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Next time the player finds themselves stuck on a scale puzzle, this neat little trick with Link’s food can definitely help in a pinch.

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Source: @GifZelda/Twitter, sugarelixir/Tumblr

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