C E L L U D R O I D Sci-Fi – Fantasy – Animation FILM FESTIVAL (3 – 10 September 2021)

No pandemic can keep the CELLUDROID Film Festival down!

In fact, it helped to expand the 2021 Flamedrop event beyond the Cape Town cinema base into a hybrid event with selected movies screening at the Labia Theatre, and the full line-up accessible across Africa, streaming at the Labia Home Screen (across 3 – 10 September).

The exciting line-up of the SA Horrorfest’s sister event includes new releases, classics and a cargo bay load of amazing short films from around the galaxy!Many if not most movies are having their Africa / South African premieres.

Festival Feature Film Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOi8RoFNDqoShort Fim Programme Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qxFwTMkL30Watch all individual movie trailers and additional filmmaker content at: www.youtube.com/FlamedropProductions

CELLUDROID 2021 Line-Up:
All titles will stream at: www.LabiaHomeScreen.co.zaCinema line-up & booking: www.quicket.co.za/organisers/114-celludroid-film-festivalAll festival info, news, links, trailers & more: www.celludroid.net

MEANDERThis heart-racing claustrophobic French sci-fi thriller has a woman waking up in a strange tube maze filled with deadly traps. The race is on to figure out how to survive and who or what put her there…  Horror fans will also love this one.Great solo performance from Gaia Weiss.Directed by Mathieu Turi (who won Best Picture at the SA Horrorfest with his movie Hostile)

IRON SKYA group of Nazi Germans defeated in 1945, fled to the Moon, where they built a space fleet to return in 2018 and conquer Earth. Iron Sky is one of the most expensive Finnish films.Iron Sky is a blast, loaded with humour, explosive action and great CGI effects, political satire, conspiracy theory jabs and a soundtrack by Laibach.Directed by Timo Vuorensola and starring the legendary Udo Kier(make it a double feature with the sequel Iron Sky: The Coming Race)

IRON SKY 2 : The Coming Race In this much anticipated sequel to the wildly entertaining indie hit, a group of nuclear holocaust survivors living in an abandoned Nazi base on the far side of the Moon board a barely-functioning spacecraft. They travel to the nucleus of the hollow Earth in an attempt to recover the Holy Grail from a group of reptilian shape-shifters who are led by a T-Rex-riding fuhrer!Directed by Timo Vuorensola starring Udo Kier, Lara Rossi, Julia Dietze and comedian Tom Green(make it a double feature with the original Iron Sky)

THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF TOM THUMBThis legendary 1993 Bolex Brothers stop-motion animation classic is still as incredible as it was on its release. Weaving through sci-fi, fantasy and dystopian landscapes, we follow tiny Tom, abducted from his parents and taken to a nefarious lab. On escaping he encounters a similarly diminutive community who endeavour to help him return to his parents. An awe-inspiring cinematic feat with drama, action, heartache, triumph and dark humour. Not only are the wonderfully detailed models animated, but also the humans playing roles in this unforgettable movie.Directed by Dave Borthwick


The Celludroid short film collections feature three different feature length volumes of amazing short films from around the world, with an eclectic mix of sci-fi, fantasy, futuristic, dystopian and supernatural subjects in live action, traditional-, digital- and stop-motion animation.


Volume 1 includes:

The Dark Odyssey 

L’OréeMum’s Sweater 


Last Light 

Polvotron 500 

Moon Keeper 

Stalag III-C 

Le Cri 


Volume 2 includes:

100,000 Acres of Pine 

The Purple Iris 

Time’s Down 

Ten, Thirteen, Twelve 

The Artificial Condition 

The Amber Thief 


Close The Loop 




Volume 3 includes:





Deep Learning Death 

Forgot Your Password? 

…LoveHotel… The Guide to Japanese Midnight Culture


White Noise 



(Cinema Only!)

The movie that arguably started the unintentional “so bad, it’s good” trend.The legendary Ed Wood Jr.’s 1950s cult classic PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE is back for a healthy dose of cheesy B-movie laughs. 

Still a riot after all these decades, everyone must see this at least once in their lifetime (if not annually!) – and so much more fun in cinema with an audience.

Features the legendary Bela Lugosi (aka Dracula) in his final role, the delicious Vampira and indestructible Tor Jonson.


The essayistic feature film directed by Johannes Grenzfurthner transcends the traditional documentary and tries to present an overview of political concepts such as freedom, privacy, identity and resistance within our technologically advanced era. 

Grenzfurthner couldn’t “tolerate ignorant and topically abusive comments on the ‘Internet’ anymore.” So he teamed up with writer and activist Ishan Raval to: “explain, re-evaluate, and sometimes sacrifice political golden calves of discourse.”

He calls his project an “ideotaining cinematic revue” about political ideas he considers important. Grenzfurthner cites frustration about the current level of political debate as a primary influence for making the film. 

The unconventional documentary is supplemented with live action, Anime, pixel animation and stock footage, and features performances by Amber Benson, Max Grodenchik, Jason Scott Sadofsky. 


In the near future, technology firm Red-Eye is on the verge of developing a revolutionary contact lens that records human sight to replicate memories. The device uses an artificially engineered intelligence known as U.R.M.

When the company’s lead researcher is suspiciously murdered at the time of the technology’s release, Thomas Elliot, an old-fashioned police detective investigates with intrepid researcher Margo Elson, who are drawn into searching deeper to apprehend the illusive digital shapeshifter.

Directed by Benjamin Ross Hayden

Starring Greg Bryk, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Neil Napier, Madison Walsh, Michelle Thrush, Wilma Pelly, Chelsea Anne Green, Olivia Duke, Sam Duke, Stephane Legault, Tom Carey, Austin Siever, Imajyn Cardinal


Set in 2049 A.D., where technology and human lives are intertwined, this fascinating future glimpse from Taiwanconsists of three chapters: 

The Fortune Telling is about the human trying to control their own destiny via big data analysis.

The Hedgehog Effect is about people’s trauma memory and how to heal it with technology.

The Talk of Love deals with a couple’s attempts to fix their relationship via an assistive device.

Three chapters, three traditional social roles of women from the future of 2049; In picturing the future, perhaps we could also redefine the roles of contemporary women optimistically?Directed by Li-Da Hsu & Chien-Ching Chu


Directed by Charles Band, this Sci-Fi classic from Full Moon Features stars Tim Thomerson, as well as Oscar winner Helen Hunt in one of her earlier roles. Also known as Future Cop, Thomerson plays Jack Deth, a Philip Marlowe-esque police detective from the 23rd century who travels to the 1980s to bring his old nemesis to justice. Time travel is made possible whereby people can travel back in time by injecting themselves with a drug that allows them to take over the body of an ancestor.

Make a double feature of it with another Full Moon classic Dollman!


Our second Full Moon classic is from 1991 and also stars Tim Thomerson as space cop Brick Bardo. When he finds himself on earth however, he is only 13 inches tall! Equipped with his “Kruger Blaster” (the most powerful handgun in the universe), his height doesn’t stop him from kicking earthling ass!

Also stars Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Preacher) in one of is early roles.

This highly entertaining movie was directed by Albert Pyun.

Make a double feature of it with another Full Moon classic Trancers!


In this brand new Full Moon production, Barbie and Kendra enter their third movie, slamming into pandemic panic as the sexy and spacey dynamic duo turn on the TV and get tuned into a viral saga that takes them deep into the forbidden fortress of Area 51 and beyond.

The bimbo comedy hi-jinx is supplemented with re-dubbed clips from 1968’s sci-fi schlock Space Thing and 1979’s The Day Time Ended.

Directed by Charles Band, starring Cody Renee Cameron, Robin Sydney, Jill Bartlett and voices by Mindy Sterling, Patrick Bristow and more.


In this Japanese super-power action film, retired Russian-Japanese soldier Eiji Onodera (Keishi Suenaga) is heading for his hometown in Japan. But on his way, he is caught and given a new mission by his ex-colleague Captain Vadim Dadikov (Gohnosuke Tokuda). Onodera and his father would never be free unless he completes the secret mission. He and the Master Sergeant Zinaida Zasyekina (Satoko Enmei) go to Hokkaido to monitor an ex-officer of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Toshio Honda (Taiyo Sawa). Honda has killed 27 people including his colleagues, and is hiding in a mountain with a mysterious beauty, Risa (Riho Yoshioka)…

Directed by Keishi Suenaga


Free documentary screening!

Find details in the trailer’s description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ienTfX2a0KI

Best Documentary winner at Celludroid ’16. 

Access this movie for free to get yourself psyched for Celludroid ’21!

This in-depth documentary covers the alleged happenings in the controversial Montauk Project conspiracy, where three men claim that between 1971 and 1983 secret experiments were conducted deep beneath the surface of the Camp Hero Air Force base.

Directed by Christopher Garetano 


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