Cancer Compatibility In Love, Sex & Relationships

Cancers are the most loving and caring zodiac signs in astrology. Born between June 21 to July 22, those with a Cancer Sun sign are nurturing, compassionate, and intuitive.

Cancer Compatibility: Overview

The Crab of the Zodiac will love you until the end of time, just so long as you don’t hurt their feelings. If that happens, even if you had no intention of hurting them, you will have to work hard to win them back.

Cancers can hang on to a hurt for an extremely long time, even when it looks like they’ve moved on. They can lash out if they feel emotionally sensitive around someone.

What makes a good or bad match for Cancer?

When Cancer is in a relationship, they are all in. They will do everything in their power to make that relationship healthy and long-lasting. They are selfless, committed, and caring.

Cancer doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, least of all someone they love. When they let someone down, they tend to feel the pain, and have empathic abilities.

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The intuition of Cancer can seem a bit woo-woo. How do they know what is going on with you before you do? They just do; they trust their gut, and, generally, it doesn’t steer them in the wrong direction.

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