Capricorn Compatibility In Love, Sex & Relationships

People tend to have misconceptions about Capricorn, thinking that because they’re so hardworking, conscientious and disciplined, they’re also dull, stuffy, or tedious. But the truth is that Capricorns are forces of nature.

Born between the dates of December 21 and January 21, Capricorn is an Earth sign who takes all their talents and abilities, and focuses them. Their unique traits are what set them apart from other signs in astrology.

Capricorn Compatibility: Overview

Capricorn has the star quality of a Leo, with the practicality of Virgo, and some of the humor of Sagittarius. They’re unstoppable when they put their minds to something.

What makes a good or bad match for Capricorn?

Capricorns tend to be planners, have highly developed BS-meters, and don’t handle embarrassment well. If you love to play pranks on your partner, you may not be compatible with Capricorn.

They aren’t easily impressed, so don’t think it’s a given when you try to capture their attention with your many accomplishments.

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The fact is, the Capricorn zodiac sign has probably achieved more than you, and they’d prefer if you were real with them, rather than trying to manipulate them. You have to be more than just surface flash for Capricorn.

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