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Curtin University professor and political analyst Joe Siracusa warned that while China and Australia may not engage in open warfare as relations worsen between the two powers, China merely has to blockade and disrupt sea lanes into Australia to deliver a sizeable blow. Professor Siracusa said it would mean Australia would “die a slow and lingering death” as the two nations have fallen out over good exports and Covid probes. China has imposed tariffs on Australian beef and wine and has extended a freeze on ministerial-level talks with the country as relationships continue to spiral downwards. 

Speaking to Sky News Australia about the ongoing diplomatic feud with China, Professor Siracusa warned things could get worse between the two powers. 

He was asked if he believes Australia will turn to the United Nations to resolve the issues surrounding trade and Taiwan.

Australia has close trading alliances with Taiwan and has repeatedly come to its defence over China’s posturing over the independent region. 

The analyst discussed the likelihood of conflict arising and replied: “I think [Australia] should have done it six months ago.

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“It’s a very easy thing, I mean you’re gonna ask the world authority to look at where the Covid virus is coming from.

“You can also ask the General Assembly and I know the Security Council can veto any decision to come to the aid [of a country].

“But when you find out that only about 14 countries in the world think that Taiwan is a country and they’re going to come to the aid… then that’s fine.

“No one’s going to invade Australia, no one’s going to be coming through the Sydney head with combat troops.

The relationship between China and Australia began to severely downturn when Australia pushed for the World Health Organisation to hold a “robust” investigation into China and the original coronavirus. 

What followed were tariffs on Australian wine and goods which have cripples manufacturers in Australia who sees a large number of exports to China. 

The two sides also fell out when Australia banned the rollout of Huawei which China says is the result of American interference. 


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