Covid-19 and Virtual Safaris with Tim Brown Tours

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Tim Brown Tours introduces virtual safaris during Covid-19.

Tourism in Durban, South Africa during the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic 

Tourism has always been the ever-growing side to our economy. But since the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores in South Africa, it has been totally obliterated.

South Africa is 120 days into its lock-down. It  ranks 5th in the world for the number of Covid-19 cases. Yet South Africa has one of the lowest death rates. All remarkably interesting considering 60% of the infected have already made full recoveries. I am inclined to think that possibly South Africa  – with its incredibly harsh public protocol and vast coverage of test stations has just done a better job at gathering statistics on actual infections. This in no way takes away from the concern of the virus and its impact on people but where do we draw the line and when should we open all sectors of the economy?

Covid-19 ~ Tourism – the largest sufferer

To date Tourism is the largest sufferer and was one of the largest contributors to South Africa’s economy. At this stage a myriad of restaurants are closing as well as hotels, tour companies and several desperately concerned people in the industry have turned to taking their own lives. At what point does government revert from this communist way of living and open its borders with the world again. Or at the very least allow local tourism?

Before I go on with more information and comments about the Covid-19 affect on Tourism and South Africa, I have to tell you at Tim Brown Tours we have reverted to “Virtual Safaris” where every so often I will post on an African animal with interesting facts and a video! It is the best we can do during these unprecedented times!

Below is our first post and I have chosen Lions as our topic!
corona and virtual safari

Virtual Safari – Quick facts on Lions

  1. Lions eyesight is up to 8 times better than human eyesight under low light conditions.
  2. The darker the Lions mane the more attractive he is to the females, irrelevant of size.
  3. A Lion can consume up to 25 Kilograms of Meat at any “sitting”.
  4. Lions have an exceptionally low hunting success rate, 1 in 10 hunts are successful.
  5. Lions have a white marking under their eyes which helps reflect light into the eye under low light conditions.


Comment and ask any questions you have about Lions and I will answer them for you. Every few days I will post another African animal with facts and you can ask more questions.

Covid-19 and Virtual Safaris – the low down on SA bans…

To date

  • schools have been closed, opened, and then closed again,
  • Alcohol has been banned,
  • Cigarettes have been banned
  • and it is still mandatory to wear a 3 layered cloth mask or shield
  • we are not allowed to visit family or friends, yet we now can meet them at restaurants that are open and at casinos…

Not many of us have an issue with the wearing of masks but I do not know of a single country in the world that has totally banned Alcohol and Cigarette sales as well as prevented movement of people to visit family or friends entirely, yet allow you to meet in a restaurant where you have a much higher chance of becoming infected. It is totally ridiculous.

Alcohol and Hospitals ? Illegal Sales ….

We all understand that hospitals are not coping with the influx of Alcohol abuse injury related patients and we also understand that Cigarettes do affect the general health of an individual that smokes. Having said that, this opens another can of worms for the illegal sale of Cigarettes and vast amounts of money in lost taxes that could be used to get hospitals more beds and even extensions. It is disgusting to see how some hospitals do not have working washing machines to clean bed linen in order to utilise the beds that are already their, or that they do not have enough staff to operate properly. This is really an easy fix and does not cost a lot of money to either fix washing machines so available beds can be utilised or purchase new machines. It is disgusting.

Black Market Cigarettes during Covid-19 regulations

Cigarettes are now coming from the “Black market”, wow that is a bright one Cyril… What we could do with the lost Tax money from Cigarette sales would be hugely beneficial to our people and more than likely totally off-set the risks of Smokers being “higher risk” candidates for Corona infections. I am also a non smoker but looking at the reality of the situation.

Really the bottom line is as South Africans our constitutional rights have been taken away to a degree where people are and will rebel and this is not a communist country, we all have the right to work (earn an income) for a start.

Home schooling children is all good and well for 6 months like we have done if you have the resources to do so but 80 percent of our population lack these resources. My question is when will our economy be opened again? We are all going to get Covid-19 at some point and it is scientifically proven that “O” blood groups which make up the majority of people in the world have far more mild symptoms, so unless already immune-compromised will mostly not fill our hospitals.

Right, back to Tourism…

There are no reasons why international travellers cannot enter our borders as screening can be done before hand as it is being done even when we visit as shop. The reality is we all are going to get Covid-19 and as we say in nature (possibly a bit harshly); the strong will survive and the weak will not. It is called natural selection. We all need to be aware that if we are immune-compromised or of ill health, to rather not travel until there is a vaccination. It is all about taking responsibility for ourselves.

Yes, common sense is not so common any longer but maybe this is just the thing the world needs to relearn common sense.

Let us push to get Tourism back up and running before the sector crashes globally with tour companies going under. “I thank you, God bless Africa”

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