Covid-19 Virtual Safaris-Leopard Facts

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…a Bush story & videos of Leopard courtship & Mating

Covid-19 Virtual Safaris – Leopard Facts, a Bush story and videos of Leopard courtship and Mating. A virtual Leopard feast!

Tourism globally has been devastated due to Corona virus and we at Tim Brown Tours have turned to “Virtual Safaris” to keep the interest up.

Virtual Safari – quick facts on Leopards

They ……………

  • Are the most prolific cats in the world
  • Have one of the most varied diets of any predator in the world.
  • Are solitary, only coming together for mating or a mother with her young.
  • Can hoist a kill that is twice its own body weight up a straight vertical incline ie: up a Marula tree.
  • Are Unique – No two Leopards have the same spot or rosette pattern. Like our fingerprints, all are different.

I would love to answer any Leopard questions so please join the conversation and comment below.

Watch this “Gold Dust”Footage of Leopards mating!

It is a great blessing to witness nature doing its thing in a natural setting and to be a part of mating rituals and the actual “Mating” is amazing!

Years of guiding and spending time in the wild has meant that we (Tim Brown Tours) can share this amazing footage with you.

To see a Leopard in the Wild when you are unable to get out of your vehicle and track it on foot is pure luck and maybe a bit of knowing where you have seen the creatures before.

Leopards – Gold Dust & Adrenaline Rush!

Each time (which is not often) is like gold dust and a pure adrenaline rush!

To see a solitary big cat that is as elusive as a Leopard with another of its own species is even better.

To see more than one together – a mother with cubs – or a male and female mating is outrageous and worth every second of being out there searching for them.

Finding Leopards and Losing a Bet! A Happy moment

I have been very fortunate to find the nocturnal leopard during a Durban day safari in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve. This was a bet I was happy to have lost … read more…

I remember after finding Lions on our first moments in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve right near the road that a question came from the clients. It was: What are the chances of finding a Leopard?

I actually remember having a little laugh and replied: “it is rare on a day tour as they are nocturnal that if we see one I will buy all of you lunch.”

2 hours later I ate my words and my clients ate the lunch I bought for them! I must be honest it was the best feeling in the world to be buying that lunch for everyone!

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