Create Long-Lasting Customer Relationships with Extended Enterprise Learning

Create Long-Lasting Customer Relationships with Extended Enterprise Learning

Extended enterprise learning, as opposed to an internal employee training program, is training provided to learners outside of your organization: the customers! The capability to expand knowledge and resources beyond the walls of an organization makes a huge impact because it focuses on the customer experience. This is because businesses want to know how to get the customer experience right. Here’s how to use extended enterprise learning to create a lasting influence on your customers.

The Benefits of Thorough Customer Training

By now, you probably know that proper training can encourage the engagement of an organization’s employees. By what are the benefits of an education program that is geared to the end user of a product or services? For starters, extended enterprise learning produces stronger relationships after the sale because customers are persuaded, not mandated, to discover new tools that will help them thrive. In turn, this makes for less reliance on customer support. By introducing a learning program to customers that goes hand-in-hand with a purchase, the organization can now be an authoritative source of information for their clients.

Using Learning to Generate Revenue

Aside from just informing customers, extended enterprise learning can have an impact on ROI. In fact, 53% of Inquisiq survey takers agreed the main benefit of extended enterprise learning is an increase in awareness of services/products. That being said, the method in which you deliver training for customers makes a difference. Bundled services and products, a dedicated website or portal, instructor-led training, and an LMS are all viable options.

Customer Training as a Product

Customer training is a product because it empowers onboarding, enablement, and most importantly, product offering. These are all components that contribute to the bottom line. And just like any product, it is important to keep an eye on customer responses. With customer training, this is achieved via engagement tracking. By determining if there are aspects of your training modules that lead to disengagement and then making changes where possible, you can increase the desirability of your product or service — and your customer training course.
A Learning Management System, when provided to the extended workforce, holds the potential to be used by employees and customers. Enhance your employee and customer experience by requesting a free trial for an Inquisiq LMS today.

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