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I have never done a review before so go easy on me if you are reading this. I put this up in the other thread, but it’s in the public forum so I’m not sure if everyone will be looking at it.

I really start to dislike pre orders in general. This watch was not the reason for that as the delivery was close to the promised time and the communication about why it was late was to my satisfaction.

I though the pre order price was ok, but for me a nice movement from Japan would have done the trick. I don’t know how accurate the watch is as I didn’t time it and don’t time my watches on a daily basis. If the watch is within the same minute or 2 by the time I switch watches (I wear about 3 a week or so) then I’m fine.

The clasp is a butterfly clasp which honestly I absolutely hate. The clasp is fine and the bracelet looks good, but I absolutely hate butterfly clasps from any brand and would have rather had a single fold clasp by a long shot. I cannot get the bracelet to fit my wrist as there is no micro adjust and no half links so I was thinking about asking ECA who made their straps so that I could ask if they could produce me a blue cordura one which I think yould fit nicely. IWC (of which I have had several) does this brilliantly, but the Inge is slightly more expensive.

Once they had the watches completed it went very quickly.

The watch is shipped in a normal box and is fine.

The integrated bracelet tapers nicely and I imagine it would be quite comfortable if you can find the right fit. The pins were easy (not in a bad way) to remove and replace making the strap adjustment middle of the road I would say. The butterfly clasp is, as stated earlier, something I hate, but if you like them then this one should also be fine as it is not worse than could be expected. With a single fold clasp and micro adjust or easy link or the like this would be a really great bracelet at this price and as it is it is quite good anyway. There is a bit of rattle when taking the watch off or putting it on, but none much when on the wrist. If they had decided to send a blue/brown lets say cordura strap set with this watch then we would be best friends (I recognize the costs assosiated with this and it was simply a remark).

The black strap they sent with this watch is probably fine, but I will never use it as it is black.

Watch back:
It has one……’s metal (which helps keep it thin probably)……..I don’t really care about this.

The dial looks outstanding in person and has a really interesting matte look with a great individual color. The raised indices are simple, well placed (often a problem with micros in my experience), and work really well. A raised logo would have been an upgrade in my opinion, but the printed on works fine and looks good in my opinion. The hands look good and are the right length (at least I cant really thing of a way to make them markedly better). The lume on the dial is relatively good, but I guess I was expecting it to be brighter due to the advertising (I know it’s just advertising, but a man can dream right?). The shade of blue (I love it) is a standard one and looks great in combination with this dial. If it had no date it would be so great, but it’s still really good.

The case is really the best part about this watch (in a tie with the dial though) and is done really nicely. The brushing and polishing is done well and in the right places and is pretty fine. I love how thin this watch case is and the profile is really nice, not to be outdone even by the big names in Genta design. The watch fits my average sized wrist nicely and is comfortable. I purchased this watch because it was exactly the look I wanted without costing the same as some big brands. Does it cure my desire for a Royal Oak: yeah it does as I think the Royal Oak are too expensive to pay for that watch (this is a personal opinion and I understand that others may think differently, but I would not pay that much for that watch even if I just won the powerball) (I would pay for a ALS datograph for example, but not a APRO). Does it cure my desire for an IWC ingineuer: Not really, especially the blue edition. Please note that I wrote the exact same thing in my little review of the Schaffen S65 and it is as true for this watch as it was for that one.

The crown is a nice large, and relative flat on the case, shape which I like. The winding is buttery smooth on mine and there is no play when extended.

I think they did a really good job on this watch and it came at a time when a lot of people are throwing out genta inspire stuff. This watch would be the cats PJs for me if the bracelet either fit or they offered a blue corudra strap (I will try and have one made for this I think) option.

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