End of Merkel era begins as German CDU picks new party leader

Coming from a German: they elected Armin Laschet. He was very close to Merkel ideology wise but recently changed some of his standpoints I believe to be a new fresh face.

Norbert Röttgen and Friedrich Merz were both going against him in the election and I’m so glad they didn’t elect either of them. Merz once voted against a law that would have made rape in marriage illegal (it is now illegal of course), he is very conservative and deems himself as upper middle class despite owning several private planes and being a millionaire and Röttgen is just purely faceless and has no real standpoint.

I’m happy with their desicion for Laschet even though I don’t like the CDU (the christian democratic party). He seems really kind, empathetic and competent (even though I think that he will not be as assertive as Merkel).

Only the future will tell.

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