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Erectile Dysfunction Penile Pump

The following is the tabular age group percentage distribution of males affected by Erectile Dysfunction in a 2016 published study based on US health insurance claims data.

Males in
the study
Total 19833939  
Affected by ED
1108842 5.6
18-29   0.4
30-39   2.1
40-49   5.7
50-59   10
60-69   11.5
70-79   11
80-89   4.6
>=90   0.9

Low Testosterone & Erectile dysfunction

Low testosterone levels may cause erection irregularities. Intake of testosterone may help in the erection. Type 2 diabetes patients are prone to have lower levels of testosterone. Type II diabetics are 3-times more likely to experience ED compared to non-diabetic men.

Vacuum therapy devices & Penile Pumps

FDA approves vacuum therapy devices and treatments of erectile dysfunction using the vacuum therapy techniques under prescription. A penile pump is a vacuum erection device. This penile pump technology uses negative pressure to draw and increase the flow of blood into the penis erectile tissues. Penis pump devices may be used prior to sexual intercourse.

More Insights on Erectile Dysfunction treatments

The vacuum therapy and penile pumps are indicated by sexologists when pharmacological methods fail. External customized vacuum therapy is used to get the erection. Penile pumps can be fitted with a separate compression ring to the penis base to hold the erection.

There are other penile pumps that do not have compression rings. You will find Pumps devoid of compression rings for temporary treatment of impotence. These penile pumps without a compression ring claim to increase penis length by using them frequently.

These can be used for vibration as an aid to masturbation. As a last resort, when penile pumps do not work, surgically inflatable or rigid penile implants can be fitted.

Penile Surgery Options

A penile implant is often used as a last resort if no other treatment works to produce the desired results. The most common are prosthetic implants. It inserts artificial rods into the penis. Doctors may show vascular reconstructive surgery for some patients’ as-needed basis.

The alternative medicine & Herbal treatment of ED

Alternative therapies to treat sexual dysfunction are not advised by the Food and Drug Administration, USA. You may find products like “herbal Viagra” or “natural” sexual enhancement products advertised heavily in local channels, which are not dependable.

No clinical trials or scientific studies have been published or approved by any medical association of the world to support the effectiveness of such products for ED treatment. You can find Synthetic chemical compounds similar to sildenafil as adulterants in such products.

Bottom Line

In most cases, Erectile dysfunction is 100% treatable if you can treat the underlying physical, emotional, and psychological causes, provided you visit a genuine sexologist in your area and avoid quacks infested in the Indian sexual health ecosystem.

The quacks have mushroomed in every nook and corner of India and thrive because of illiteracy, lack of education, and lack of awareness among Indian patients.

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