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One important and popular country in Africa is Nigeria. Its economy has been rapidly growing in recent years, thanks to its much improved tourist industry. Indeed, Nigeria has every right to be proud of its wonderful country. And they should showcase it to the world. They have an abundance of and splendid coastlines and sprawling forests. Plan your itinerary well to maximize your stay and visit.

Visitors have always enjoyed the wide variety of activities that Nigeria offers. They have diverse culture and scenic beauty. There are many popular tourist destinations found in Nigeria. Some of these are the Abuja (the capital of the city), Lagos, Calabar, Kano and Ibadan.

The scenic beauty that the country offers is an ideal place for excursion. The country does not only have scenic surroundings, they also have vegetations that add up to the scope of excursion. Popular centers of excursion in this country are the historic spots of the place. Eco tourism is brought by their idyllic rivers, cliffs, lakes and sprawling greenery. There are also wild life and woodlands reserves visited mostly by nature lovers.

Lagos, Abuja and Kano are the popular excursion cities of Nigeria. All these three have natural scenic surroundings, historic and cultural zones. The Lagos is popular for its entertainment centers. The Abuja is known for its dining and shopping centers. The Kano is more on the historic and cultural zones. There are also safaris available for excursion.

After excursion, the next major activity in Nigeria is shopping. There are a lot of shopping centers in the place. These centers are visited frequently by both locals and foreigners. Their shopping activities do not only focus on the local goods. There are a lot of foreign good available in the place. There are also designer goods. Shopping includes all things from the department stores to the supermarkets, they are all complete.

There are apparels, footwear and electronics available. The trademark handicrafts and accessories are also available. Local markets and stores are what most of the tourists flock because of the unique regional handicrafts and artifacts that can be found only here in the country.

During Nigerian festivals, buyers (foreign or local) get great discounts for the things that they buy. The shopping centers in Lagos, home of a large range of shops and markets – international or local, are the following: Palms Shopping Mall, My Blue Store, SilverBird Galleria, Lagos City Mall, William Dokpesi Store, and Lafayette Mall.

Even the streets of Nigeria have small shops and markets where the said Nigerian handicrafts and artifacts are also for sale.

The restaurants and bars in Nigeria serve many kinds of mouth watering cuisines and drinks. Their foods do not only focus the local cuisines but also the international one.

The famous restaurants here include Abibiz, Afi’s, Anis, All Seasons, Albasha and Aldente.

The restaurants here serve regional and international delicacies because they known that their travelers choose these kinds of cuisines. The foods in these restaurants are all prepared by expert chefs.

Another important activity in this place is drinking. They simply serve wide range of beer from local to international. They also have wines, liquor and other drinks. There are also pubs available for vibrant nightlife. Nightlife is livelier with their music and entertainment performances made for all the night visitors.

There are many famous bars here, the favorite rendezvous of many groups. Examples are Sigma, Club Ice, Bobs Bar, Swe Bar and Lounge, and Cheers Bar.

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