Fibroid and Pregnancy – Is it Safe to Get Pregnant When You Have Fibroids?

Some of you may ask how fibroids would affect women during pregnancy. Is it safe? Is it possible to have a healthy child with women who have fibroids? Fibroids occur most commonly on women who are in their reproductive age and almost 75% of them are at risk of developing fibroids. Fibroids can be of various size and location and the severity of the problem may vary for every type of fibroid.

Some fibroid cases are asymptomatic but women who have larger fibroids and located at their sensitive parts causes trouble like heavy blood flow during menstruation, malfunction of the bladder resulting to frequent urination, body pain and pain during sexual activity. Now, is it safe to be pregnant when you have fibroids?

Fibroids can increase the chances of miscarriage or early child birth during the 20th or the 28th week of pregnancy. These cases occur because some fibroids block the fallopian tube making fertility impossible. During pregnancy, when fibroids grow in size it can block the cervix making it difficult for normal delivery, it can also give danger to the baby because fibroids will take up the nutrients intended for the babies nourishment causing miscarriage. Having fibroids during pregnancy could lead to cesarean delivery.

Fibroids are said to grow because of an increase in estrogen levels. Women during menstruation or pregnancy produce more estrogen making fibroids grow. It is still possible to have a normal child birth with fibroids when it does not hinder the passage of the baby? Fibroids will eventually shrink right after child birth.

Doctors suggest that women who have fibroids and are pregnant must eat fruits and vegetables, as well as they should consume foods that are rich in fiber and iron. Foods like whole grains and legumes are also a must in order to have a safe and healthy delivery.

Women with fibroids, who experience symptoms such as bladder malfunction, constipation, cramps, heavy bleeding, anemia and pelvic must avoid foods that are high in sugar and caffeine. These foods will contribute in the damage caused by the fibroids in the body.

Like any other illnesses, it is always best to consult a doctor to receive proper treatment. Follow a proper diet in order to avoid more complications. There are natural and surgical procedures which you can choose depending on your preferences. Women at child bearing age should regular visit their doctors because early detection will prevent them from more complications.

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