First Teaser Trailer for Japanese Remake of Sci-Fi Horror ‘Cube’ Film

First Teaser Trailer for Japanese Remake of Sci-Fi Horror ‘Cube’ Film

February 16, 2021
Source: YouTube

Japan's Cube Teaser

“Perhaps you will be trapped next.” Shochiku has released a fun teaser trailer for the new Japanese remake of the classic indie sci-fi horror film Cube, using the exact same name all over again. This new Cube is also executive produced by Vincenzo Natali, who made the original in 1997. The Japanese website contains all kinds of cryptic text that connects with the concept of “people wake up in a mysterious cube room and have no idea what it is or does.” For example: “No one can resist the overwhelming order that Cube brings. We who made this work were like entering Cube. (Because I shot it in the same place all the time) And I will face myself. Is it hope or despair that lurks in the abyss of myself? Soon, you too are in Cube. No, it may already be inside.” The film’s cast includes Masaki Suda, Takumi Saitoh, Masaki Okada, Kôtarô Yoshida, and Hikaru Tashiro. This is only a teaser but I’m already sold. The original is superb and this looks good.

Here’s the first teaser trailer (+ poster) for Yasuhiko Shimizu’s Cube, direct from Shochiku’s YouTube:

Cube Teaser Poster

A mysterious cube. 6 men and women are suddenly trapped in Cube. It’s unclear where this is, why they are trapped, whether there is an exit, whether they can survive, or what the room even is. Cube, this new remake, is directed by Japanese filmmaker Yasuhiko Shimizu, director of the film Vise previously, as well as a short film and TV mini-series. The screenplay is written by Kôji Tokuo (of Ossan’s Love), inspired by Vincenzo Natali’s original film from 1997. Exec produced by Vincenzo Natali. Shochiku will debut Shimizu’s Cube in theaters in Japan starting this October. No other international release dates are set yet. Follow the film on Twitter @cube_m0vie, or visit the film’s official Japanese website. First impression? Looking good?

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