Flawless Beauty Defined Last Week’s Best Beauty Looks

The concept of flawlessness has, in recent times, been frowned upon and described as some sort of faux beauty. While packing some valid points, it is worthy to note that no one puts so much effort into their beauty looks, just to look the same. The airbrushed look, albeit an illusionary form of beauty, is also just as desirable––even for a moment. On that note, we have curated the most flawless beauty looks we spotted last week on Black queens across the globe.


Do you know what can never go out of style? Hair buns! Famous supermodel Winnie Harlow, looked all sorts of laid back in her half bun braided updo. We especially loved the subtle unruliness to her braids––those loose curls did a lot to further soften her beautiful face. Dare we say, it is the perfect laidback quarantine braid style for black women. It’s got a name too: goddess box braids!

Another one of our favorite hairstyles from last week was Thando Thabethe’s wavy auburn hair. The South African actress enamored us with her bright smile but it was really the effortless curls around her face that did it for us. There’s just a feel of joy and freedom in her whole look. Don’t you just love black girl joy?


If there’s one thing Ghanaian-American beauty influencer, Vanessa Gyimah would do perfectly, it is serving a colorful, flawless beat. Her skin work is always clean and spotless but can we talk a little about her eyes? Fresh off her eyeshadow palette collaboration with makeup company, Juvia’s Palace, Vanessa has been serving us some serious eye art. She’s sure taking the floating eyeliner trend to the next level. Just look at that double eyeliner!

We have to acknowledge LA-based makeup artist Andrea Samuels for this splendid skin work on Ethiopian-Eritrean model Eugenie Nahume. It’s one thing to have great skin, it is another to capture the essence of that beauty the way photographer Domoshotme did.

There are so many other stunning hairstyles and makeup looks to be inspired by.

Check out Last week’s best beauty looks…

Winnie Harlow

Get the lips

Vanessa Gyimah

Eku Edewor

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Olomide Didi

Thando Thabethe

Get the eyes

Eugena Washington

Athena Ní

Teaira Walker

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Leslie Sidorah


Eugenie Nahume


Photos: Instagram flawless beauty looks

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