France counts more than 400 deaths within 24 hours according to figures released tonight by Public Health France – Manchikoni

19:59: France has counted 3,736 new infections since Sunday (a low figure on Monday due to the weak rises of the weekend, editor’s remark). In the last 24 hours, 404 deaths have been recorded in the hospital. In addition, 25,584 patients are currently hospitalized (1,666 new admissions within 24 hours included). Among them, 2,803 are in intensive care (254 new surveys).

16h03: Given the current health situation in Europe, Disneyland Paris, as previously announced, will not open on February 13th. If you have booked during the closed periods, you will find the update of our terms and conditions on our website. . “, indicates the management of the park. And to add:” If conditions allow, we will reopen Disneyland Paris on April 2, 2021 and we are now taking all reservations from that date. Given the context, this is likely to change. will notify as soon as possible. “” We look forward to welcoming you again when we reopen. We thank you for your loyalty and understanding during this difficult time. “

15h45: “That the government is telling the truth! That we do not start the same story again as with the masks or the tests”, the mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, encouraged on Monday and warned about a ‘shortage of vaccines’ at the time of the vaccination against Covid-19 is extended to those over 75 years of age. “My conviction is that we really have vaccine shortages,” the socialist mayor said, expressing great concern “to AFP” after seeing the start of one of the two open vaccination centers in the city. The town hall opened these two centers, with the respective capacities of 800 and 840 people per week, for vaccination, but was refused to open more, she reported. “The prefect asked us to organize two centers, but no more,” said Martine Aubry, who also wants to open the Zenith for vaccination. “We can vaccinate 1,000 or 2,000 people a day there, but we’re denied it while Lyon and Cannes do it,” said the mayor, for whom the problem is, “is the arrival of doses, the whole subject is the” . In the municipal centers, which work with administrative staff and doctors and nurses provided by the city, “the real problem is that we were immediately satiated and that we have an extremely limited number of doses, can not increase,” explains his. “I understand very well that we are giving more doses to areas that are widely infected, but that we are being told that we do not believe that all people over the age of 75 can register when” Today everything is blocked. It’s true in Paris, it is where in Lille and I imagine in many places “, concludes Mrs Aubry.

11:00: Health Minister Olivier Véran on Monday assured that the milestone of one million French people vaccinated against Covid-19 would be “largely at the end of the month”, on the sidelines of a visit to the Grenoble. university hospital on the first day of vaccination open to those over 75 and those with “high risk” pathologies. “With the acceleration of the vaccination campaign in nursing homes. By the end of the month, we will reach largely one million French people who have been vaccinated,” he told the press after visiting the CHU vaccination center. Grenoble where he himself worked as a neurologist. “Not everyone can be vaccinated within a day or a week, not because the logistics would not follow, but because the challenge is to have enough doses to vaccinate all French people”, a- He warned, however. after this short visit organized on the occasion of the vaccination of all persons older than 75 years and those with a high risk pathology (chronic kidney failure, cancer under treatment) …). Vaccination has so far been reserved for certain priority groups, including nursing homes or caregivers.

“When doses arrive, we make them available immediately, we open meeting slots for the French. We are in tension, this is our strategy, this is the strategy of all the countries that vaccinate”, assures Mr. Véran. In response to some elected officials who consider the delivery of vaccines in their areas insufficient, the minister replied: ‘We have given in each area the exact number of doses given this week, next week, the week after and the following after all the to give teams in the vaccination centers readability and visibility “. ‘For example, all the people who have opened an appointment slot within three weeks know and know in advance how many doses of vaccine will be given to them. If the question is + the more people I plan, the more I get. will give vaccines at the expense of neighboring areas +, the answer is no “, he insisted, but called an exception”. In the “areas where the virus is most prevalent, in particular Grand-Est, Burgundy-Franche-Comté of Nice and the Alpes Maritimes (…), we have given more vaccines with the Moderna vaccine, because there- the epidemic has much more damage than in Grenoble or elsewhere in France, “he explained.

In total, 6.4 million people are being asked to be vaccinated in more than 800 centers. The Minister of Health, who invites’ patience ‘, envisages between 2.4 million vaccinations by the end of February’ and ‘maybe 4 million if other approved vaccines are approved’.

08h23: A majority of the French favor the introduction of a “vaccine passport” that will allow people immunized against the coronavirus to access certain places or activities, according to an Ifop poll conducted for Lemon. But in turn, the government views this debate as ‘premature’. Six out of ten French say they are in favor of compulsory vaccination to take a plane to go abroad or visit a vulnerable person in a nursing home or hospital.

According to this study, however, the acceptance rate is lower for access to public transport (52%), colleges, high schools and recreational areas such as cinemas and theaters (50%). The French are only 45% to say they are in favor of shops.

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