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Mr Gallois took to Twitter to galvinise support for Frexit, after claiming France has “wasted” €127billion by financing the EU’s budget. The President of the Frexit Party, issued a rallying cry and said “it’s time to take back control of our money”.

Mr Gallois wrote on Twitter: “Since 2000, France poured 127 billion euros in waste to the EU budget alone Flag of European Union”

“This astronomical sum represents 40 percent of the state budget in a normal year.

“It’s time to take back control of our money.”

Another user pointed out France’s contributions to the budget are due to increase to €11-13billion (£9.7-11.5million) annually for the 2021-2027 EU budget.

In response, Mr Gallois said: “For the new 2021-2027 budget, France will pay 91 billion euros!

“91 billion euros in 7 years wasted!”

His comments come after he told France is set to be the next country to leave the EU, following the UK’s exit last year.

He told this website: “France can definitely be the next country to leave the EU and we are working on it with Génération Frexit.

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She remains Mr Macron’s biggest rival, and is running against him in the upcoming French elections.

Last week, former EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier warned there was “always a risk” other countries could leave the bloc.

He said the EU needs to “understand” why the majority of the British public voted to leave the bloc.

Mr Barnier said: “We have to draw the lessons of Brexit.

“We have to understand why 52 percent of the British people voted against Europe.

“It is obviously too late for the UK but it is not too late for other member states.

“But this risk can be combated by proof that it is clearly a better situation to be inside the EU than outside.”

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