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In a video post titled “The Silent Christian Secession,” Gab CEO Andrew Torba asserts that Christians are the majority in the country and that if they band together, they will effectively defeat socialism.

“This is the path forward,” said Torba in a Gab TV video posted on Tuesday. He called for all believers to unite by casting aside all bickering over theological nuances, political stances, and other differences.

“We can’t just be atomized individuals anymore. We have to unite. We have to unite across all of Christendom,” he said, and stand up for Christ amid what’s happening today.

They’re not going to care if you’re an Orthodox Christian, or if you’re a Catholic or if you’re a Protestant believer. What they’re gonna care about is that if you believe in Jesus Christ and that you’re professing His Gospel, and that you’re speaking truth to power, and that you’re living biblically, that is what they’re going to care about. That is what they want to stop,” he pointed out.

Christians are Not Violent Revolutionaries

After starting his video with a prayer asking God the Father for boldness and wisdom, the head of Gab first laid down that real Christians are not violent anarchists. Historically and biblically, he said that people of faith had always been reformers and builders. They will not engage in violence because they see no reason for it.

“We can take back our local community or countries, our economy without, you know, getting violent at all,” he said. “The best way to do this is through a what I call a silent Christian secession. And we see this starting to unfold, almost on a daily basis.”

Politicians Don’t Represent Christians

“I think it’s very clear to all of us, or most of us, that whether you’re left, right or center, the people that are in Congress that people that are in Washington D.C., do not represent us, do not represent our best interests.”

What these politicians represent, according to Torba, are foreign powers, corporations, and the billionaire oligarch class. He added that essentially, people don’t really have a choice between left and right, between Democrats and Republicans, because they’re just a unit party of the “elites.”

How Christians Can Turn It Around

“The silent Christian secession is a two-fold, you know, approach,” explained the Christian business owner. “So part of it is economic and part of it is political.”

The economic part, he said, is now seen on a day to day basis. He cited the elitist award shows like Oscar and Grammy which are presently “tanking in the rake” as example. This happens because good family people are tired of having their values and beliefs mocked, he said.

“They’re tired of being told what to do, and how to think, and all of these political opinions that are being shoved down their throats,” noted Torba. “And they’re not even political opinions. Really, it’s communism. It’s Marxism. It’s critical theory. It’s all this stuff that is totally anti- American, anti-white, anti-family, anti-God, and anti-Christian.”

“For all intents and purposes, the United States of America is absolutely a Christian country,” he continued adding that Christians have the purchasing power to “annihilate” any company they want, economically speaking. He mentioned the NBA’s decreasing ratings and Coca-Cola’s declining revenues as examples.

“You may feel disenfranchised from the voting booth after 2020, but where you still have power is in your pocketbook. Right, when you go to the store and you’re buying stuff, that is your vote, and that is a vote that they can’t take from you,” he said.

When Christians, as consumers, stop buying from people, organizations, or corporations that hate their values, this is economic secession says Torba.

If Christians unite and decide, ‘I’m going to really look at what things I’m buying, what services, what products,’ and really examine to say, ‘Is this a woke brand? Is this brand pushing communist critical theory?… then why am I giving them my money?’ Right. It’s that simple.

Will the Christian Builders Please Stand Up

Instead of allowing the secularists to dominate, the CEO said that Christians ought to get busy building.

We need people who are building, people that are entrepreneurial people that are thinking outside of the box,” he said.

When Christians are able to create innovative goods and services in the economy, they would be less susceptible to being dominated by the ungodly agendas of large corporations. They can create their own safe spaces and micro economies on the internet. This is annihilation without violence says Torba.

“So were going to start fresh. We’re going to support Christian entrepreneurs, and Christian services and Christian businesses. That is how we’re going to separate from these cancerous communists,” he declared.

Political Succession: It Starts in Each Person’s Backyard

Torba said that if there’s any hope of redeeming America’s government, it must start locally.

“You should know who’s running the political organizations in your own backyard before worrying about what’s going on in D.C. every day,” he said.

He went on to suggest for Christians to consider running for school board or city council. That way, they can represent their people well. Additionally, he said that it’s vital for the Christian movement to decentralize. They must work to build significant influence in every political level starting from a town to a municipality, from a county to a state and finally the country.

The problem then, according to Torba, was that “the movement was heavily centralized around Donald Trump.”

“That is why the globalist American empires machine was able to center, all their firepower on Trump for five years,” he said while noting the stolen elections and internet bans meant to silence conservative and other dissenting voices.

Kill or Shrug Off Pessimism

We need to have a positive mindset of ‘Christ is King right now. This whole earth is His dominion, and we’re going to take it in His name. We’re going to take it back in His name.’ Period,” declared Torba.

Never a fan of violence, he reiterated non-violent ways like the economic and political secession as well as decentralization.

“Remember, speak freely, folks. Speak two full weeks and think on these things. Share this video with a friend if you found value in it. God bless, and have a good day,” wrapped the Christian dad and entrepreneur.

Watch Torba’s video below:

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