Handsome Fashion Of Ramsey Nouah The Actor

Jim Iyke is the Nollywood actor who paved the way for every young actor in Nigeria right now he is the Godfather of Nollywood, whether he is the bad guy in the movie or acting as a family man or acting as a police man chasing a criminal he is really the best and have made his Mark in the Nollywood industry. 

He is also known for putting on the best fashion outfit in his movies which makes sense if I write about in my blog he is what everybody wants to be like as long as acting in Nollywood goes, sometimes I just go back to his own movies and watch when I’m running out of movies in my Nollywood collection. 

His old movies is timelines that means you can still watch it in the next 200 years and it will still be relevant and you will see one to watch it again in the next 200 years after the next 100 years just so outstanding, timeless, well-calculated and done properly in terms of production. 

He is the guy who inspired the other actors like Zubby Michael and Sylvester Madu, Jim Iyke started around 2006 till date he still acting but not fully active. 

For him to be in your movie it must be a very interesting one and you have to pay a lot of money, right now he’s probably living his best life, he is now into TV series movies and no longer market CD plate movies, so let’s appreciate this Legend by looking at his fashion style and see if you can copy him in our day-to-day fashion styles. 

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