Have you dropped politics cold turkey ?

This is the first time I’ve come into this politics board since the election- to make this poll (you can probably guess how I’m voting )

I’d like everyone to please explain why they have or have not dropped politics .

I’ve decided to not include grey answers like “toned it down a lot but still listen a little” bc I want to get a good look at who really gave it up, and if you didn’t, you didn’t.

I voted yes.

The reason is bc for me politics is basically a spectator sport-and I don’t like watching my team lose so I stopped. It may sound shallow but in truth I’m glad I don’t follow bc my head isn’t so busy anymore and get to pay more attention to life.
This doesn’t mean I’m ignorant but a good majority of inter/national news has no effect on my following it.
There will be well meaning ddfers saying you can’t put your head in the sand and it’s ok to follow the news and I don’t disagree, but I do hope this thread can encourage or challenge some ppl to slow down and maybe give it a try for a week to not read what’s going on. You have time to do other stuff it’s great!

ETA: I just now realized if I create this thread in the politics board I will get a pretty skewed voting result lol!
Or maybe some here will get inspired and take my advice ☺️

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