Have you had casual sex or do you prefer sex in relationships only? In what way did casual sex affect you? Did it ever lead to feelings of emptiness? : AskMen

The fastest Ive had sex from the moment I met someone was about 2 hours, and I probably said 20 minutes of actual conversation with her.

It was sex, not even that good or memorable.

When I think about the best sex I’ve ever had, it was with the girl I was in love with. What made the sex so great was that it wasn’t just a physical act. It wasn’t just satiating a physical desire.

The emotional component took the sex beyond a level that physical can attain. The connection was closer to a religious experience.

I hear people find this place induced by drugs. MDMA specifically. This place where words fail to describe the experience. When you understand the beauty of life and what it wants to show you.

The emptiness comes from touching such an incredible place, and knowing that place could only be reached with one person, or one time. Or not knowing what mysterious alchemy was in play to make it happen in the first place. To spend one’s life trying to recreate it, or find that place again.

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