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Every so often you see something to remind you that maybe the world isn’t all bad.

A heartwarming video has gone viral after a van driver was filmed saving an elderly woman from getting her feet wet, and viewers have said it reminds everyone that ‘caring isn’t expensive but it is priceless’.

The clip shows a woman walking with a stick as she reaches a flooded road with her car parked on the opposite pavement.

Realising there is no way for the woman to reach her car without stepping into the deep water, a van driver lowers the mechanical loading platform at the back of the vehicle to curb height and reverses it into place to act as a stepping stone.

The driver positions the platform perfectly into place
The driver positions the platform perfectly into place

Another man holds her hand for support, as she puts her walking stick into the water and steps across the gap onto the platform before opening her car door and climbing in without a soggy shoe in sight.

The video was shared to Reddit page Made Me Smile with the caption: ‘Guys use a lift gate on a truck to help a senior get into her car without getting her feet wet.’

It racked up hundreds of comments, as one person said: “Love getting my faith in humanity restored.”

The woman climbs into her car
She steps into her waiting car, completely avoiding the huge puddle

A second wrote: “Now that is a genuine good deed which made me smile.”

A third replied: “It costs zero dollars to be a nice person! They will never forget that kindness! What a great human!”

And another added: “Sometimes the world sucks, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Last year, a man similarly melted hearts all over the internet after seeing that his security cameras picked up a little boy who raced up and down his driveway on his bike every evening and ‘decided something needed to be done about it’.

Before the child’s next visit, he drew a racecourse onto the pavement in chalk and watched as the boy arrived, spotted the track and negotiated it perfectly.

Every time it rained, the man made a new course, getting progressively harder and it wasn’t long before other children, grown ups on their own bikes and mums with buggies were also giving it a go. You can see the sweet video here.

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