Heath Braxton And The River Boys Are Back… For A Simple Cameo?

Heath Braxton returned in tonight’s episode of Home and Away. However, were he and the River Boys just cameos?

We’ve been spoiled this week with Home and Away. From finding out that Colby doesn’t die to what happens with Tane and Ari’s armed robbery, everyone was waiting to see Heath Braxton and the River Boys return. Though, it has gotten a… lukewarm response.

Heath and his appearance has been hyped up for months but when he finally appears, it’s not what we thought. Dean calls him to help with Tane and Ari’s armed robbery situation. Paul and Leon, the world’s dumbest criminals have no idea who Heath or the River Boys are when they show up with Dean.

A fight erupts with Paul, Leon and their thugs before they are taken away by Heath. So… he was invited back for one fight scene and that’s it? Okay, that was not what we were expecting.

Someone on the Home and Away spoiler Facebook page we follow said they believed that Heath would appear in at least two or three episodes. Given how popular he is, it’s surprising that he appeared in only one scene. We understand that Dean knew people who could help, but why use the fan favourite? The scene could still play out without him and it would’ve turned out fine.

Though, this along with the 2020 Season finale was a massive let down. Fans were really excited to have Heath back. If the show keeps going the way it is, it’s going to turn into The Bold and the Beautiful where a lot of storylines were disappointing to a lot of people.

Finally, there is one credit we can give the writers. Paul and Leon not knowing who Heath or the River Boys was a very good touch. With the thugs not being locals, it’s nice to see that someone doesn’t know who they are.

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