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So grateful for a Christian Pastor to allow herself to be one of my Facebook Live Healings. 
The Emotion and Body Code is not a religion. Truly, it is only a tool to help access the subconscious to see what is holding it back from being whole on an emotional and physical plain. 
Later she wrote me an email with this response: 
Dearest Emanuel,
Hoping this note finds you and your family feeling well.  I had a very interesting night, slept without pain, and woke up with a new sense of hope.  For the first time in YEARS, my right shoulder is almost pain-free.  I imagine a pain free body could be possible. 🏽
I was beginning to believe that some of this pain after my 2 brain surgeries was just part of my new reality. I have chosen to not take any medication, for pain or other limitations since my 2 craniotomies.  I was released from the hospital, almost 3 years ago, and have chosen homeopathic, natural options for my health.
I have done therapy, yoga, massages resting, praying.. and in the end, found no lasting relief.
I am Soo grateful that God used you and chose me!  Thank you, Emanuel, being a vessel of God’s grace and mercy, my session with you has released a pain that reached far beyond the physical and renewed my hope in truly living my life more abundantly.
You have been a blessing for which I am eternally grateful.  God bless you and your family always.

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An open minded personality.. fun to be with, because of my positive vibes. God fearing, for without God I am nothing.. Moved with compassion when dealing with you, not selfish or self-centered...

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